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2 Ways to Use Format Factory in Windows for Beginners

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    Files that are already stored on smartphones and PCs have their own format. We can also move these files to other devices.

    However, there is one thing you need to know that not all devices can support multiple file formats. For example, like your cellphone, you can't open sound or audio files that have the .WMA format, but you can open the file on a computer or PC.
    Well, if you want to open and play the Sura file on your smartphone, you are required to convert the file into a file format supported by your cellphone, for example, into an .mp3 file.

    How to Use Format Factory for Beginners

    2 Ways to Use Format Factory in Windows for Beginners

    In this tutorial, we will give you various ways to use Format Factory. The first is how to convert video files to other formats and combine subtitles with Video. If you don't have the Format Factory application, please click here.

    1. Convert Video Files to Other Formats

    You can convert video files to other formats by using the Format Factory application. For example, such as MP4 files converted to MOV format, AVI files converted to FLV files, 3GP files converted to WMV format and so on. Here's a tutorial or how to convert Video Files to other formats using the Format Factory application.
    1. The first step is to click the Format Factory application that has been installed on your computer.
    2. If the Format Factory application is already open, then click the Video button on the left side of the tool.
    3. After that select the video format you want to convert. Here I want to convert the video into MOV format. So I click the MOV button.
    4. Then click the Add File button located on the right.
    5. Your File Explorer will open, and enter the folder where the video is located. And click the video you want to convert. After that click Open.
    6. Then click the OK button.
    7. Click Start to start converting the video.

    Combining Subtitles with Videos in Format Factory

    2. Combining Subtitles with Videos

    If you are a movie fan, surely you will also like films from abroad such as America, England, Japan, Korea, to Taiwan. And it's not complete if you watch the film without subtitles.

    Considering the language used by these films is not familiar and we do not understand the meaning. Well, by using the Format Factory application, you can combine subtitles in your movies. Here's how to combine subtitles with videos using the factory format application.
    1. The first step that must be done is to open the Format factory application on your laptop or computer. after that click the Video menu. On the video menu click the video format you want to add subtitles to.
    2. Then click the Add file button to select a movie.
    3. Select which movie you want to add subtitles to. After that click Open.
    4. After entering the movie file, the next step is to click the Output Settings button.
    5. Then click OK.
    6. In the Video Settings window, there are Additional Subtitle settings. Click the … button located next to the Additional Subtitle menu.
    7. Then your File Explorer will open, select the subtitles you want to put in the movie. Then click Open.
    8. Then click the Ok button at the top.
    9. Then Click the OK button again.
    10. Click the Start button to carry out the process of entering subtitles. And wait a few moments until the process is complete.
    11. Well, now you can enjoy your movie in a relaxed manner. Because the film already has automatic subtitles that will appear when you play the film.

    Those are some ways to use factory format. Hopefully this article can be useful for you and you can use it as a reference for processing your video files.

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