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How to Overcome the Epson L120 Printer The Light Turns On Red

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    In this sophisticated era, printers are widely used by people as a printing machine to accompany their daily tasks, the current advancements have led to many new types of printers that have applied the latest technological features.

    But not a few people still persist by using various printer devices with models that are still old but still have good print quality, such as the type of Epson L-120 printer that we will discuss in this article.

    Apparently, apart from having good quality, Epson's first generation inktank printer currently also has a number of special errors that are often experienced by its users.

    The error problem that often occurs on Epson L120 printers or other types is that the lights are on. This is actually provided in every Epson printer as well as other printer brands. Its function is to make it easier for users to get information if there is a problem with the printer unit, and this light has many variations, adjusting the problem according to the problem.

    How to fix the Epson L120 that glows red

    How to Overcome the Epson L120 Printer The Light Turns On Red

    Who wants their printer to have problems, and can't print, so they delay printing or something. But apparently it is undeniable that it will happen occasionally.

    Whether it's because of an error in using the printer, maintaining the printer or indeed from the printer factory standard, there will be an error. One type of problem that occurs is the Epson L120 printer's red light is on.

    Maybe for people who are first time using an Epson printer, they will feel confused or maybe panic when they experience this. So, to answer your curiosity, below we will provide useful information for all of you

    1. Pressing the button manually


    For the first step that needs to be done is to turn on the printer and then immediately press the resume button for approximately 4 – 9 seconds.

    If there is no change then it is necessary to repeat once pressing the button for approximately 3-7 seconds.

    2. By using software

    • Turn on the Epson L120 printer
    • Download the resetter epson L120 application
    • Extract the file
    • Then double click on the epson l120.exe.

    epson l120

    • After that, the Epson L120 adjustment program window appears.
    • Then press the Particular Adjustment Mode button.

    Particular Adjustment Mode

    • After that select Waste Ink on the counter.

    Waste Ink

    • Then look and pay attention to check and installation.
    • Pay attention to the main paid counter check.

    main paid

    • Then select "Check" or "Initilize".
    • Then when a pop up appears, select "OK".
    • Then turn off the Epson printer.
    • After that, turn on the printer again.
    • Done.

    The Epson printer itself has actually been widely used by the general public for decades, both individuals and institutions such as offices, schools. But even though it has been used by many people. But apparently there are still many people here who don't understand what an Epson printer is.

    Maybe for some people who are not very familiar with the computer world, they will feel curious and also ask, what is this Epson printer like? So to answer this curiosity, below we will provide useful information for all of you.

    What's so great about Epson Printers

    Epson printers are a type of printer product produced by printer companies in Japan. As for the Epson printer product itself, it is not only useful for printing text, but also printing images or photos with the best results.

    And of course here we know that in this Epson printer there are many types of printers. One form of Epson printer is the Epson L120 type printer. Maybe here, not many people know about the Epson L120 printer and what are its advantages. So to answer your curiosity below, we will provide useful and also useful information for you.

    Why Epson L120 Printer

    Many people's acknowledgments and opinions compare between the latest Epson printers today which have a more expensive price, the earlier Epson printers had a more affordable price, Just like the Epson L120 printer itself is a development of the previous L110 printer type. This type is said to have better resistance.

    Pros of Epson L120

    Each type of printer must have certain advantages. Likewise here with the epson l120 printer. So what are the advantages of the Epson L120 printer. Curious right? Let's read and see together the explanation below
    • Has a compact size
    • Have high printability
    • Besides, it saves on ink.

    So, that was the information we could share with you all about the Epson L120 printer. Hopefully the information shared earlier can be useful and useful for you for all of you. Especially here for those of you who have plans to buy a new printer by choosing the Epson L120 printer.

    Now for other information about the world of printers, you can read on our website at Drivers part.

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