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Equipment For Installing Printer Infusion

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    /The discussion this time is related to the equipment needed when performing an infusion on the printer. As in general, some printers have not officially provided an infusion method on their printers. As we promised when posting about how to install an IV printer, then let's check out what equipment we need to install the Infusion.

    When installing a printer, there are things to consider so that it doesn't happen that can make your printer unusable. And officially, when you install IV on your printer, the warranty from the dealer will be lost. So it takes skill and courage when installing the printer. The following is information about any Equipment for Installing Printer Infusions that have been summarized about the printer.

    Equipment For Installing Printer Infusion

    Below is an explanation and estimated price of the equipment that needs to be presented before installing the infusion in the printer:

    1. Infusion Dumper

    Infusion Dumper is a tool that can rectify the ink flow rate, and the replacement of ink that has been sucked in by the cartridge does not come back. In addition, the dumper is also useful for preventing the cartridge from seeping or leaking which will make our printer safe and durable. 

    Infusion Dumper
    Infusion Dumper

    The installation is also fairly easy, usually in the package there are instructions to find out the input and output paths. The price of this equipment ranges from Rp. 40,000, -, the price may vary depending on where you buy it.

    2. Hose Roller

    The hose roller is a device that activates the ink so that the ink does not come out. By using this tool, your printer will be safe when you want to move it, or your compilation printer will be repaired which makes you not have to bother repairing the hose. The price is fairly cheap, around Rp. 3,400, - you can already get this one tool.

    Hose Roller
    Hose Roller

    3. Infusion hose 8, 6 and 4 lines

    Infusion hoses are available in several lines, starting from 4, 6 and 8 lines. This hose serves to drain the ink from the reservoir to the cartridge. Its use depends on the printer that will be infusion. For example, the Canon IP2770 printer only uses a 4-line infusion hose because there are only 4 lines available. 

    Infusion hose 8, 6 and 4 lines
    Infusion hose 8, 6 and 4 lines

    4. Drill screwdriver

    Drill screwdriver is a manual drill that will make a hole in the cartridge. The drill size that can be used is 3.6 mm. This tool can also be used when punching holes in the printer to install a drain.

    5. Knee rubber

    Knee rubber is a rubber that serves to connect the knee L, this rubber will remove the ink that is in the cartridge does not come out, seep, leak, etc.

    6. Knee L

    The knee is a tool that will connect the infusion hose to the cartridge.

    7. Close the infusion tube

    Because of this, it must be done to repair your infusion tube.

    Close the infusion tube
    Close the infusion tube

    8. Close the air vent

    In the infusion tube, there are 2 holes, a large functioning hole to make it easier for you to enter ink, and a small hole working with ventilation that you have to open when you are doing printing activities. Sometimes you forget to close the small hole in the infusion tube, and the ink will easily enter the dust. Little by little, this dust will start to damage your cartridge and damage the blockage. 

    By using this air ventilator cover, you no longer need to close the ventilation cap and your ink will be safe from dust.

    9. Ink Cartridge Sucker

    This tool is used to repair the ink in the cartridge, it can be used to repair a clogged cartridge with the help of a head cleaning fluid.

    Ink Cartridge Sucker

    10. Injection (Spluit)

    This injection or spluit is used to suck ink or insert ink, this injection is also equipped with a syringe.

    That's information about what equipment to install a printer infusion you need. Hopefully this information can be useful. If you have another opinion, you can share it in the column below. Look forward to our other interesting articles, thank you for visiting..

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