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Resolving Canon Cartridges that are Clogged

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    Canon printers are printers that are quite widely used, from students to office employees or companies who often use this printer. If the printer is new, usually stable and rare, over time you will know what problems often occur with Canon printers, this common problem is more common with other brand printers.

    One of the reasons that make many people choose Canon printers is the affordable price that is quite affordable and the operating system that is easy to use and practical for those who are just learning to quickly get used to it. 

    However, of course, the printer does not always operate correctly, one of the things that often happens is a cartridge that is often clogged. If it is like this, then the printing process will be hampered and the printout will be not good or blurry.

    Buddy, of course you don't want time to be wasted just for clogged cartridges, right? Don't worry, we will share information on how to deal with a clogged Canon printer cartridge that you can do easily. Here are the ways to Overcome a clogged Canon Cartridge that we have summarized.

    Resolving Canon Cartridges that are Clogged
    Canon Cartridges that are Clogged

    Solving a clogged Canon Cartridge

    Experiencing the problem of clogged canon cartridges is one of the obstacles that greatly hampers activities. Therefore, this time will provide some information about Overcoming a clogged Canon Cartridge that you can do yourself easily and safely, of course.

    1. Prepare the Head Cleaner

    Head cleaner to clean the ink stuck to the head. How to use, pour enough head cleaner into the place / container then soak the clogged cartridge earlier. Wait for a few moments, the time it takes to make the head completely clear of ink depends on the severity. 

    If only some of the ink needs fixing, it may take a few minutes or jam, but if it's a lot it will take overnight to thoroughly clean the head. This is the first step on how to fix a clogged Canon printer cartridge, so it really works.

    2. Use a Vacuum

    After completing the head cleaner process, the next method is to remove the ink from the base of the head by sucking it out. Do it carefully and slowly when sucking ink from inside the head, suck until the ink is completely used up.

    3. Clean the Cartridge

    After the vacuuming process is complete, clean the cartridge with a tissue or cloth. These ink cartridges are used so that there are no traces of sticking and for cleaning cartridges. Put the printer cartridge back, wait a while until the printer is completely ready, then do a maximum of 3 head cleaning. 

    Do a printing test to find out whether the ink condition is good or not. If you have done the head cleaning once and the printouts are still good, repeat the head cleaning up to 3 times until the prints are good and clear.


    Those are some tips on how to fix a clogged Canon Cartridge. The tips above can be done safely, friends, as long as they follow the right directions. Hopefully this article can help readers in solving printer cartridge problems. Thank you for visiting and look forward to our next interesting article.

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