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Epson WF-2548 Drivers Download - Using printers from Epson is now more fun and easier to support your daily printing needs, because in this Epson WF-2548 series you can print more easily with the support of smart phone media.

When printing documents, generally we must use a laptop/PC device that is connected to the network or a printer device connection, now we can easily view the document first in Soft File, then print it with just one click. However, what if you are required to print documents faster and with a more flexible connection? Of course, by using a smart phone device, you can easily overcome this problem.

By using the Epson WF-2548, you don't need to use a laptop/PC to print documents more easily. This printer is equipped with the ability to be able to print documents more efficiently using a smartphone device.

Until now, only 30 printers from Epson are equipped with the ability to print documents via smart phone devices with the Android operating system, including the Epson WF-2548.

Attractive Features of the Epson WF-2548 Printer

The Epson WF-2548 offers advantages as a flexible printer that is able to connect to your smart phone, equipped with a smart connection feature that only requires the official Epson application to be used to print your documents.

Interestingly, this feature is not only for smart phones, but also for various PCs with different operating systems. Now, you can print documents and images over a wireless network on PCs with Windows, MacOS, and Linux operating systems. Furthermore, here are some other advantages of the features in the Epson WF-2548, including:

1. Print E-Mails

Have an important email for document archiving needs? Well, you can print the contents of the email and the body of the email more easily using the E-Print feature. Where Epson will automatically scan emails and print them quickly.

2. Mobile Printing

Print documents more easily using the Mobile Printing feature, you only need to download the Epson Print application on each operating system such as iPrint on IOS, and Google Cloud Print for Android.

3. All-in-One Printer

It's easier and more efficient to use a printer with multitasking features, the Epson WF-2548 provides Scanner and Copying features for you to copy and scan physical documents. So you can save on operating costs.

4. Fax

Increase your printing and business needs with the fax feature, you can use this to send document data and print it directly even though it is a long distance. The Epson WF-2548 has a fairly capable Modem Speed.

5. Power Saving

The Epson WF-2548 is one of the energy-efficient printers that is very suitable for use in personal use at home and in the office, this is because the electrical power consumption required by the printer is only about 40 W.

Download Driver Epson WF-2548

Epson WF-2548 Drivers Download
Epson WF-2548

1. Download Driver Epson WF-2548 For Windows

2. Download Driver Epson WF-2548 For Mac

3. Download Driver Epson WF-2548 For Linux


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