How to Permanently Delete MiChat Account Update 2022

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How to Permanently Delete MiChat Account – Some people may be tired of having a MiChat account and want to delete it? So how?

Before moving on to the explanation, it's good to know what the MiChat application itself is. Quoted from the Google Play store page, MiChat (pronounced my-chat) is a free messaging app with amazing features. Not only for family and friends, MiChat also helps you find new friends and people around you, expand your social network.

How to Permanently Delete MiChat Account Update 2022

How to Permanently Delete MiChat Account

Well, have you ever felt bored and wanted to stop playing MiChat for some reason? Either because of boredom or because it is too intrusive to personal privacy or maybe because those who use the MiChat application are very few compared to other social media applications.

Of course, everyone has their own reasons that can make people lazy to play MiChat. Well, if you really don't want to have a MiChat account anymore, there is a way you can do to delete a MiChat account. the way you can do is to disable or delete your MiChat.

For those of you who are curious, follow the complete tutorial on how to permanently and quickly delete a MiChat account below.

How to Permanently Delete MiChat Account

For those of you who want to deactivate or delete a MiChat account, you can follow this guide to delete a MiChat account. You can delete it on your Android phone.

Here's How to Permanently Delete MiChat Account using an Android phone or smartphone that you can try. Here are the steps:
  1. Open the MiChat app on your Android phone
  2. Enter the phone number to log into the MiChat account you want to delete, if you have clicked Continue
  3. Open the SMS application, then copy the verification code sent by MiChat, then click Continue and Allow
  4. On the first screen of the MiChat app, select the Three Lines icon that says me in the lower right corner
  5. Go to MiChat Settings
  6. Select the Exit option. You have now deleted your MiChat account.

Signing out of your MiChat account won't delete any data, but at least you won't receive any notifications from the app. You can still sign in with the account you have.

If you really want to delete your MiChat account, you can contact the MiChat developer via the official email, namely [email protected]

Those are some Ways to Permanently Delete MiChat Account. That's it for this article on MiChat. Good luck and hopefully it can help, sorry if there are shortcomings because MiChat itself does not provide the delete account feature in the application, thank you.

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