Update 6 Ways to Block the Latest Facebook Account 2023

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Update 6 How to Block the Latest Facebook Account 2023. Problems with Facebook accounts are still often a matter of debate.

Of course, you often come across accounts that are considered annoying or even potentially spam. Therefore, how to block a Facebook account must be done so that other people's accounts can no longer access or view our FB.

Update 6 Ways to Block the Latest Facebook Account 2022

Facebook has a blocking system that you can use at any time. You can block anyone's account that you think is useless or dangerous.

In addition, the account blocking process is also fast, which does not take much time. If you want to block other people's accounts, you can see the full Update 6 Ways to Block Facebook Accounts 2023 below.

1. Find the Facebook account to block

The first time, press the Search button to find the account. Search by the Facebook name that appears in the profile section. Or you can find the account on the Facebook home page.

2. Visit their Facebook profile

Then go to the account profile, keep pressing the symbol … or three dots. Also make sure the account name is correct first.

3. Select block

Several Facebook friends options will appear. To block an account, tap Block. You can also report an account by tapping the report profile option.

4. Confirm block Facebook

Facebook will display a confirmation page with the contents of what will happen if you block your account. keep pressing BLOCK.

5. Facebook account blocking process

Facebook will block user accounts as they wish. Wait a few moments and then you will be redirected to the Facebook home page.

6. Check Block Facebook account
  • After entering Home, press the button in the top right corner.
  • The menu appears, scroll down until you find Settings and privacy then go into it.
  • keep pressing Settings.
  • the account settings screen appears.
  • Search and enter Blocking.
  • Accounts that you have blocked will appear. Through this menu you can also unblock or block new accounts.

Update 6 How to Block the Latest Facebook Account 2023 is actually a fairly easy thing to do, unlike how to transfer WhatsApp to a new cellphone.

With Update 6 Ways to Block the Latest Facebook Account 2023 above you can avoid contact with fake or very annoying accounts. When using Facebook, we must be vigilant because it does not rule out a lot of spam and fake accounts.

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