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Google Ads vs Facebook Ads: Which is the Best Choice for Business?

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    Google Ads vs Facebook Ads

    Online advertising strategies are currently being loved by most marketers. They think that placing advertisements online can broaden the target audience and increase brand awareness quickly. It is not wrong. Currently, digital technology is skyrocketing rapidly which results in the cycle of daily human activities being spent more online (via social media, and others).

    However, it needs to be underlined that choosing a platform to implement a digital marketing strategy is crucial. Because mistakes in choosing promotional media can have a bad effect on business continuity in the future. But Erzedka Friends doesn't need to worry because now Facebook Ads and Google Ads are the top choices for online promotional media for digital businesses or companies.

    For companies or businesses that are stable and have sufficient funding, it is highly recommended to use these two types of promotional media (Google Ads and Facebook Ads services). But for businesses with minimal and limited budgets, choosing one of the promotional media is the most effective step. Then between Google Ads vs Facebook Ads, which one is better? Come on, see the answer in the discussion below.

    Get to know more about Google Ads and Facebook Ads

    Before comprehensively discussing Google Ads vs Facebook Ads, it would be better if Erzedka Friends had sufficient understanding in advance about the two types of digital marketing strategies.

    1. What is Google Ads?

    Maybe some of Erzedka Friends have often heard the term "Google Ads" mentioned. However, there are still many who wonder, "what is Google Ads?" Digital marketers often use the term Adword to refer to Google Ads.

    Google Ads or Adwords is a marketing strategy owned by the Google company that allows various micro to macro businesses and companies to place advertisements on Google's search results pages (SERPs).

    Using Google Ads can make our website or e-commerce site appear in the top position of Google search results. Business companies using Google Ads will have an “Ad” or “ad” label in their search results as seen in the example below.

    Google Ads is a paid search. So a company or business pays a certain fee to Google so that their website can appear at the top of the SERP in order to increase the number of clicks, visits and brand awareness. Regarding Google Ads costs, it will be discussed further in the next section.

    2. What are Facebook Ads?

    Facebook Ads is a digital marketing strategy for marketing and promoting a service or product via Facebook. Some of the main goals of choosing Facebook Ads services are increasing the number of visitors, brand awareness, sales conversions (the percentage of visitors who end up buying the items displayed in the ad), and ROI (Return of Investment).

    Facebook, which is currently at the top of the rankings for social media worldwide with a total of 2.850 billion users in 2021, can be the best choice for you to explore marketing strategies in a digital direction.

    The difference between Google Ads vs Facebook Ads

    The basic difference between Google Ads vs Facebook Ads is divided into several aspects, including marketing strategy objectives, target audience, ad formats, supporting devices, ad delivery options, costs required, and ad calculation principles.

    The difference between Google Ads vs Facebook Ads

    Some of these aspects will give you understanding and enlightenment to make choices in choosing Google Ads or Facebook Ads services. Therefore, just look at the discussion in the section below, OK!

    1. Marketing Strategy Objectives

    The first principle in choosing Google Ads vs Facebook Ads is understanding the objectives of the marketing strategy being implemented. When advertising online, of course there are main objectives to be achieved.

    The main goals can be in the form of increasing business sales, increasing engagement rates (the number of users who subscribe to sales accounts is getting higher), increasing brand awareness, or simply to find out audience groups based on demographics in order to set a target market.

    So, if Erzedka Friends' goal in placing online ads is to increase brand awareness and segment audiences based on their demographics, then Facebook Ads is the right choice. However, if the goal is to significantly increase sales conversions and increase the CTR (Click Through Rate) of users who enter your website, then it is highly recommended to choose Google Ads.

    2. Target Audience

    The next difference from Google Ads vs Facebook Ads is regarding the target audience. Actually, Facebook Ads and Google Ads are both equipped with features to adjust their own target audience.

    On Facebook Ads, Erzedka Friends can set the target audience for advertisements through the “Audiences Section” menu in the Ads Manager. You need to study Facebook Ads in more depth to fully understand target audience settings. As for Google Ads, target audience settings are in the "Audiences Segment" menu via the Google Ads Account.

    In addition, you must also pay attention to the match between the age groups that dominate Facebook Ads and Google Ads users with your business target audience. If your target market is Gen Z with an age range below 25 years, then Google Ads will be more suitable.

    However, if the target market you want to target is a mature group with an age range of up to 45 years, then Facebook Ads is a better choice (Facebook Ads has many users aged up to 45+ years).

    3. Advertising Formats

    In choosing Google Ads vs Facebook Ads, it is also important to pay attention to the available advertising formats. Google Ads has more and varied ad formats, such as Google Ads Search, Video, Display, Catalog, Google Maps Ads (latest), to App Campaigns.

    Meanwhile, Facebook Ads only have reach on social media and social messaging, so they have more limited ad formats, namely Display, Catalog, and Video only.

    4. Supporting Devices

    If Erzedka Friends wants to choose between Google Ads vs Facebook Ads, supporting tools are something that needs to be taken into account. For Google Ads, success in advertising can be observed through Google's tools, namely Google Analytics and Google Data Studio. Google Analytics has various digital marketing metrics so that it can help in measuring the performance of successful advertising campaigns. In addition, these tools can automatically connect to Google Ads.

    Actually, Facebook also has supporting analytics tools, namely Facebook Analytics. But unfortunately, as of July 1, 2021 these tools cannot be used again. But there's no need to worry, because you can still monitor the results of ad campaigns on Facebook Ads through the Ads Manager dashboard.

    5. Ad Serving Options (Delivery) Ads

    Another basic difference that needs to be understood between Google Ads vs Facebook Ads is the method of ad serving. On Google Ads, ad campaigns will be served according to the optimized keyword intent.

    These keywords can be obtained through the history of user visits or keywords that have been optimized according to the company's products. For example, a cosmetics business optimizes the keywords "korean cosmetics" and "selling cheap cosmetics" to get more and more visitors to the company's website.

    Meanwhile, Facebook Ads serves ads based on the interest of the audience. Because Facebook Ads ads are displayed on the user's timeline, while all the topics that are on each user's timeline are unique depending on the interests or preferences of each of these users.

    6. Cost

    When discussing the differences between Google Ads and Facebook Ads, it feels incomplete if you don't delve into the costs involved. The Facebook Ads fee required for advertising is flexible. Facebook does not have specific benchmarks to limit costs.

    Google Ads costs depend on several aspects, namely the type of keywords that are optimized (if the keywords used are more general and broad, then the prices set are more expensive), competition on keywords, the relevance of the keywords used with ad landing pages, and website access speed as an advertising landing page (the slower the website access, the automatically the higher the price to pay).

    7. Advertising Calculation Principles

    Google implements the Pay-Per-Click (PPC) principle in running Adwords. The explanation from PPC is that the Google Ads advertiser company or business is required to pay an amount of rupiah based on the number of clicks obtained on the posted ad.

    While the ad calculation method applied to Facebook Ads is to allocate a total cost within a specified time span or it can also be through the CPM (Cost per 1000 Mille) and CPC (Cost Per Click) principles.

    Which is Better for Business, Google Ads vs Facebook Ads?

    The concept of online advertising through digital marketing plays a large and crucial role in increasing business prospects. Choosing the type of digital marketing also requires careful consideration so that it fits your needs and is not detrimental. Then which type of digital marketing is recommended? Google Ads vs Facebook Ads is an online marketing strategy that is quite popular and is recommended because it has been proven to be efficient.

    Some of the main differences between Google Ads vs Facebook Ads for consideration in making choices, namely in terms of marketing strategy objectives, target audience, ad formats, supporting devices, ad delivery options, costs required, and ad calculation principles.

    In addition, if Erzedka Friends has a target audience and customers in the form of millennials with a fairly young age range, namely under 30 years old, and expects ads to be displayed on various platforms and formats, then Google Ads is the best choice. Given that Google's products have a very wide expansion ranging from social media (YouTube), search tools (Google Search), Newsletters (Gmail), and Google Maps.

    However, if Erzedka Friends has a budget that is still limited, the required target audience is targeting mature ages (up to 40+ years and above), and the main purpose of advertising is to increase brand awareness, then it is more advisable to choose Facebook Ads.

    Well, that's enough discussion this time about the differences between Google Ads vs Facebook Ads. Hopefully useful, yes! For those of you who want to read other interesting articles about websites and content creation tips, you can visit the Erzedka blog.

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