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5+ Ways to Write SEO Friendly Meta Descriptions for Websites

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    5+ Ways to Write SEO Friendly Meta Descriptions for Websites

    You have created quality content, complete with visual content that can help readers understand the information they get. But, SEO doesn't just depend on quality content.

    There are several elements such as the meta description that you need to prepare after you have finished creating quality content. Meta description has a function to describe the content that you present to potential readers.

    So that potential readers will be interested in opening the content that you offer. So, how do you write an SEO friendly meta description?

    To answer this question, you are in the right article, through this article we will explain how to write a good meta description, but before that, let's learn what meta description is and examples. So don't skip every discussion in this article!

    What are Meta Descriptions?

    Meta description is a brief description of the web page relating to the content of the page. Meta description is used by search engines to display a description of a web page in their search results.

    This description must clearly describe the content of the page and must be attractive for the user to click on, usually around 155 characters long. Besides being useful for describing the content that you present to potential readers, the meta description is an important element in optimizing On-Page SEO.

    How to Write a Meta Description?

    After you know what a meta description is and the importance of creating a meta description, the next step is how to make an SEO Friendly meta description? Because it turns out that making meta descriptions is not careless.

    Then, You need to pay attention to several ways to write meta descriptions below:

    1. Use Persuasive Language in the Meta Description

    Creating a persuasive meta description, you can do with some effective language techniques such as using inviting sentences, for example "Find the best solution" or "Get the best results".

    You can also use words that touch emotions, such as "amazing", "special", "the best" so that the meta description sounds more interesting and makes people want to click on your page.

    There are some websites that add a sentence to invite users to do something like “Visit now” or “Register now”. The overall point is, using persuasive language in meta descriptions can make your page sound more engaging.

    2. Mention the Benefits in the Meta Description

    Clearly explain the solutions or benefits users will get from your content. For example, if your content contains information about coping with health issues, make sure the content is actually about health issues.

    Don't let users click the back button because the contents of the content don't match the meta description that you created. So in creating a meta description, you must focus on clearly conveying the benefits that users will get from your content.

    3. Write Meta Description Under 155 Characters

    Why should it be under 155 characters? Because if it is too long it will make it difficult for readers to understand the contents of the content that you present and reduce the click rate from search results. 155 characters is the maximum number that can be displayed in full in Google search results. 

    If the meta description exceeds the number of characters, search results will be displayed with stubs and will reduce the effectiveness of the meta description. Therefore, writing short and concise meta descriptions is better for increasing the effectiveness of your meta descriptions.

    4. Contains keywords

    How to make the next meta description must contain keywords in it. Because this will help search engines to determine the relevance of your web page to the search queries given by users. Including keywords in the meta description can also help in increasing the click rate of search results, as users will be more inclined to click on results that are relevant to what they are looking for.

    In addition, including keywords in the meta description can also help improve the position of your web content in search results. Search engines will consider your web content more relevant to the search queries given by users. But keep in mind and understand, don't spam keywords in the meta description. Do place keywords properly and naturally in your meta description.

    5. Take advantage of CTA (Call to Action)

    In the initial discussion, you already know that one of the goals of meta descriptions is to attract visitors to open your content. Therefore, we recommend that you use CTA (Call to Action) in the meta description.

    This Call to Action is very useful for inviting potential visitors to do something. Phrases you can use like "Let's get started!" or "Click Now" you can insert in the meta description.

    6. Use Yoast SEO Plugin Help

    Yoast SEO is a popular SEO plugin for WordPress that helps you write effective meta descriptions. This plugin provides many features that help you improve your website's SEO, including a feature for writing meta descriptions.

    You can take advantage of Yoast SEO features such as keyword analysis, meta description analysis, search result previews, error warnings when writing meta descriptions and notifications if the keywords entered in the meta description are relevant.

    But keep in mind, this plugin is only as an aid, you must continue to evaluate and check the meta description that is written so that it complies with existing standards. Check how to install and set up the Yoast SEO plugin for a more detailed discussion of the plugin.

    Besides using the help of plugins, you can create meta descriptions using HTML code. However, we do not recommend it for those of you who are not used to editing core WordPress files.

    Example Meta Description for Your Material Inspiration!

    Since the meta description must be less than 155 characters long, creating it requires more than just putting words together. Therefore, to help you create an effective meta description, we provide some examples of meta descriptions from large websites for your inspiration.

    1. Tesla

    More or less Tesla only uses 22 words to create a meta description, in the description Tesla conveys what represents what kind of company is produced, the values of the brand and its ambitions. This is an example of applying copywriting to a good meta description.

    2. Lonely Planet

    Lonely Planet begins with a question that grabs the reader's attention, making the description more personally targeted. Followed by explaining how Lonely Planet can help those of you who want to travel.

    3. LinkedIn

    This is the meta description of LinkedIn, the first sentence used is enough to explain the value of a website called LinkedIn, while the following words are sentences inviting you to immediately open the LinkedIn website.

    Write Your Meta Description Now!

    The meta description is a brief description of the contents of your content, its main function is to attract the attention of potential website visitors in search results. Through this article you have learned how to make a complete meta description with examples from websites owned by large companies.

    We hope that this article on how to write meta descriptions can help you create effective meta descriptions. good luck!

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