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6+ Content Strategies for Digital Ads and SEO Optimization

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    In this article, We will discuss something that is definitely familiar when you read it. You can already guess from the title, right? Yup! This time we will discuss 5 Content Strategies for Optimizing Digital Ads and SEO.

    At Exabytes Digital Day x RemoteHub on September 25 last year, EDD had the opportunity to chat with Erwin Petas as Kumparan's SEO Manager. The discussion also discussed content strategy for optimizing digital ads and SEO.

    Maybe you want to learn about how to increase traffic or other things related to SEO, you really can see the article below to find out what pillars are important in developing a content strategy for optimizing digital ads and SEO!

    So, without going at length, let's take a look at the explanation of what SEO is to make it easier to understand the content strategy..

    1. What is SEO?

    6+ Content Strategies for Digital Ads and SEO Optimization

    SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimization, is a series of processes that are carried out systematically with the aim of increasing the volume and quality of traffic through search engines to certain websites by utilizing the working mechanisms or algorithms of these search engines.

    Then why are there still so many people who can't understand how to increase traffic through SEO? Guys, it turns out that all of that needs a content strategy! It's the same if you want to get something meaningful in life, you definitely need a strategy. It's the same with digital ad optimization and SEO.

    2. 7 Content Strategies for Digital Ads and SEO Optimization

    Are you curious about the content strategy? Below, Mimin will peel what are the strategies! So, don't forget to watch it till the end~

    2.1 Keyword Research

    Well, the first strategy you can do is do keyword research. This point doesn't need to be explained at length, but Mimin is sure that some of you will already understand the meaning and purpose of doing keyword research at the beginning.

    We also cannot deny that actually increasing traffic is not enough just by writing random articles. You also need to know what keywords are on the rise and are widely discussed by people or websites with high traffic. This is where it can be seen that keyword research is needed. You can use tools like Ubersuggest, Google Keyword Planner, and Google Trends.

    So guys, keyword research itself also has steps so you don't go blind what should you do. The things below will be really useful, guys, if you are diligent and have a great desire to understand and also learn about SEO! Here, guys, I'll give you the steps to make it easier to do keyword research:

    • Determine the business niche
    • Research keywords
    • Set a target (this is optional, guys, you want to choose to increase traffic or conversions)
    • Sort the keywords that you have done before
    • Check out Google Trends. Here is a very important point for you to do because from here you can find out whether the keywords you specified are rising or not.

    2.2 SEO Content

    Guys, in step 2 you will learn some very important points when you want to write articles to increase SEO traffic. Some of you may have created content where the traffic didn't increase, aka stuck, or those of you who are just about to start writing are still confused about how to get your content to penetrate SEO traffic.

    So, in the following steps, you will read and learn what are the important points in creating SEO content.

    • Change the location of the keywords

    At this point it means that you really have to make sure that your target keyword is in the title, in the eyes of the description, and in the first paragraph of the article you make. As Erwin Petas said during the last EDD, Google itself looks at keywords from the title, description, then the first paragraph. So make sure when you determine a keyword, pay attention to the location of the keywords, guys.

    • Write content for humans, optimization for robots

    What does this point mean? So, maybe most of you still write random article content and don't pay attention to paragraphs. Here Mimin will explain that write your articles for humans, make articles that are easy to read.

    That means don't be too wordy and pile up sentences. Especially in the current era, people don't only read via PCs or cellphones. And readers must be lazy to read long writing in a language that is difficult to understand. 

    So, make sure the article content that you write is not long-winded and minimal spaces and paragraphs, guys, that way your SEO traffic will increase.

    2.3 Social Media Content Plan

    6+ Content Strategies for Digital Ads and SEO Optimization

    Create content on social media that you think is likely to be liked by many people. Here you also need to pay attention to the content that you will create whether or not it has anything to do with something that you are building.

    Also make sure the content has a good impact and tends to improve SEO. After you finish planning social media content, you can post at busy times. When is the recommended time to post something on social media? Later, the admin will answer below!

    2.4 Create Related Landing Pages

    At this point, Mimin will remind and tell you if you don't know that Google Ads has a quality score. What is quality score? Quality score is one of Google Ads' built-in features that can assess the ad you want to make according to your landing page or not.

    This means you shouldn't be playing games here guys, for example you want to advertise a viral food typical of Bandung, dumplings for example, but the landing page you created is meatballs. This will be considered bad by Google Ads

    Therefore, make a landing page that is relevant to what you want to advertise in order to get a good quality score from Google.

    2.5 Arrange the Campaign Scheme Properly

    If you want to maximize SEO and Google Ads, you can really use the content strategy provided by Erwin Petas, guys. In his presentation yesterday, Erwin Petas shared tips by presenting the Google Ads Campaign Scheme using well-organized Ad Groups. Mimin will explain the steps and give the following explanation, guys!

    • Account (Who runs the campaign or the seller)
    • Campaign (Selling what, for example: selling women's clothes)
    • Ad Groups (Muslim women's clothing)
    • Keywords and Bids (Determine keywords including landing pages)
    • Determine the ad budget

    Erwin Petas himself admits that the steps above are much more efficient and the campaign you are about to do will be far more well optimized.

    2.6 The Right Time To Post On Social Media

    For those of you who have an online business or work in the realm of social media and still have problems with the exact hours of posting content, you really need to listen to this one because it will be very useful, you know, to continue increasing your SEO traffic.

    Data taken from sproutsocial outlines the best time to post on several social media such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Including the following:

    • Facebook
    Best hours: Wednesday, 11 a.m -12 p.m
    Best day: Wednesday
    Not recommended days: Sunday

    • Twitter
    Best hour: 9 a.m.
    Best days: Wednesday and Friday
    Not recommended day: Saturday

    • Instagram
    Best hours: Wednesday, 11 a.m. and Friday from 10 a.m – 11 a.m
    Best day: Wednesday
    Not recommended days: Sunday

    However, because currently WFH and currently in a pandemic, all time is flexible and there is no good or bad possibility when posting this content. "I don't think there's a curfew at night, because at night is the time for people to rest," said Erwin in the middle of his presentation discussing SEO and Digital Ads Optimization Content Strategy.

    Guys, for those of you who are still ignorant when posting on social media, try to pay more attention from now on and don't just post it! You have to pay attention to this to increase traffic too, you know.

    2.7 Monitoring

    Finally, monitoring your ads and posts. Like how many posts and ads people see, how high the traffic gets, and of course how much the audience is engaged with the content you create. By monitoring, you can find out what is effective and what you need to improve to make further plans.

    So, those are some things you should pay attention to if you want to optimize your SEO and Digital Ads. Follow the content strategy that Mimin has given you above, guys!

    Don't just follow 1 or 2 points, but the 7 steps above are mandatory and you need to do if you want to maximize SEO and Digital Ads performance. Hopefully useful and good luck guys!

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