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7+ Ways to Get Sitelinks from Google to Boost Your Website

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    7+ Ways to Get Sitelinks from Google to Boost Your Website

    Many bloggers want to get sitelinks from Google, but getting them is very difficult. There is a new blog for a while, already got a sitelink. And there are also blogs that have existed for a long time but did not get sitelinks, there are many examples but I will not mention the names.

    With sitelinks, the website will be better and more structured. For those of you who want to get it, here are some tutorials you can do!

    What are Sitelinks?

    Sitelinks are search results from a website/blog that has different characteristics (mostly blog names). It's different here, you could say that in the search results several sub-menus will appear, such as categories, tags, or the most popular articles that the blog has.

    Often found on large blogs such as news blogs such as seconds, Bloomberg, CNN, and a number of other large blogs.

    Usually the sitelink of a website consists of several columns. Some consist of 2 lines, 4 lines, 6 lines and some even more than that. So far I myself do not know how Google provides sitelinks to our blog. It could be that Google gives sitelinks to our blog because of the age and reputation of our blog, it could also be because the quality of the articles is pretty good, or it could be because of other things.

    How Important are Sitelinks for Blogs?

    In my opinion you could say it's important, you could say it's not. In terms of visitors, blogs that have sitelinks will usually have more appeal than blogs that are new. Visitors think maybe a blog that has a new blog is a big blog. It could also be like that.

    From an unimportant side, sitelinks usually only display a few of the most popular categories, tags, or articles.

    How to Get Blog Sitelinks

    Here's how to get blog sitelinks naturally what I used to do to get them and it worked.

    1. Update articles frequently, at least one article per day

    This was what I did for the first time, but before that the intention was not to get sitelinks. The intention is just to grow the blog and compete with other blogs.

    Exactly, I don't really know how I can get sitelinks myself, I know there are already a lot of sitelinks on my blog. The benefit of frequently updating articles is that apart from being able to get sitelinks, it can also increase blog traffic and can also increase the popularity of blogs.

    2. Try to write content above 500 words

    In my opinion, the longer the content/article, the easier the competition to get to the top spot. Why does long content tend to be on the first page of search?, because long content tends to be complete. Remember, likely does not mean certain. Most long content is on the first page because it has more complete content.

    Like a guide blog that has very long content, it will definitely be easy to compete in search. Therefore try to write long content, if not 1000 words then at least 500 words. This can boost the position of the article in the SERP (Search Engine Result Page) and of course it will be easier to get sitelinks.

    3. Use TLDs / Top Level Domains

    Compared to blogs that have dot blogspot and dot wordpress frills, top level domains are better and have a plus in the eyes of search engines. Not because it's paid, the added value of this top-level domain may be assessed by Google if the blog is more serious than blogs that use frills.

    7+ Ways to Get Sitelinks from Google to Boost Your Website

    Apart from being more serious, blogs with top-level domains are considered more professional so they get good attention from search engines. It doesn't mean that blogs that have frills like dot blogspot and dot wordpress can't get sitelinks and more attention.

    4. Improve the Template Structure From Widgets to Navigation

    The next way to get sitelinks is to improve the blog template structure. This is also very important because visitors like blogs that are simple and don't have too many widgets. Use templates that are SEO friendly and easy and clear navigation menus so that the blog can easily get visitors. Besides that, a good blog structure also has the opportunity to get sitelinks by Google.

    5. Remove Junk Links

    Here for bloggers who like to exchange links, you really have to be able to choose the quality of backlinks. Don't just put up low-quality backlinks because that's tantamount to spamming your own blog.

    In addition, the quality of your blog will decrease in the eyes of Google search. If you intend to install backlinks, install really quality backlinks in the sense that you can get backlinks from large sites that have been online for a long time.

    6. Avoid Using Traffic Exchanges

    What is a traffic exchange? Traffic exchange is the exchange of traffic/visitors from one blog to another. Reduce and avoid this because google doesn't like this. Better you get natural traffic from search than you have to trade traffic.

    For those of you who want to capture as many visitors as possible, especially new blogs, it's better for you to take advantage of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, the Google Plus community and forums circulating on the internet.

    7. Register your Blog Sitemap

    For those of you who have a new blog, it would be nice to register a sitemap or blog sitemap to the webmaster or search console. This works so that Google can crawl your articles, besides that by registering sitemaps regularly you can develop and make blogs more popular in the eyes of search engines.

    A sitemap is a table of contents or a collection of many of your website's content links which are summarized into one in dot xml format. An example of a sitemap could be atom dot xml, sitemap.xml, post-sitemap.xml and many more.

    8. Try to Create Content With One Niche

    This was my mistake first, why didn't I make this blog with just one niche. For those of you who want to get blog sitelinks easily and quickly, try to create a blog with one niche.

    Apart from having more sales value in search terms, blogs with one niche will usually become popular faster than mixed blogs. Actually there are still many ways to get blog sitelinks, you can also use sitelinks webmaster tools.

    But most of the ways out there are irrelevant and use tools. I'd better suggest using a natural method, because Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex and so on prefer it.

    Okay, that's all for this tutorial. Hopefully useful for fellow bloggers. Thank you for visiting.

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