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The Easiest Way to Redirect Domains Through cPanel

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    Are you looking for a way to redirect domains? You have visited the right article! This step is very important, especially if you want to redirect the old domain to another website page or to a new domain? You can also do this redirect domain yourself by using the Redirect feature on cPanel.

    So, in this article we will discuss how to redirect a domain to another website via cPanel. For example, in this tutorial we will use a website with the domain name and redirect it to Immediately, see the discussion below!

    1. How to Redirect Domains Through cPanel?

    The Easiest Way to Redirect Domains Through cPanel

    Here's how to redirect website domains using cPanel:

    • Login to your website's cPanel
    • Look for menu redirects
    • Select the domain redirect type
    • Point your domain to another domain
    • Configure www
    • Do a check

    Well, want to know the detailed explanation? Let's discuss them one by one:

    1.1 Login to cPanel

    The first way to redirect a domain is to log into cPanel with your hosting account. Login to the member area with your hosting account. 

    If you are already logged in, click the Manage Services button on your hosting account. On the next page, select the View All cPanel Menu option. Automatically, you will be directed to the cPanel dashboard.

    1.2 Look for Menu Redirects

    If you are already logged in to cPanel, look for the Redirects menu and open the menu.

    The Easiest Way to Redirect Domains Through cPanel

    1.3 Select the Redirect Domain Type

    To direct a domain to another domain, you need to select the redirect domain type. There are permanent and temporary types. Here's the explanation:

    • Permanent – This option serves to notify search engines and visitors that the URL has been changed permanently (directed to another address). So, every time the URL is opened, it will immediately redirect to the new address. This option we will use in this tutorial.
    • Temporary - This option serves to notify search engines, if the URL has been changed. But for visitors from the browser, before being redirected, the old url will appear first. In simple terms, this type will tell the browser something like: “Hey, my phone number has been changed temporarily, but it's not certain how long, if there is interest, please call the old number first whether it's active or not. If not, you will be redirected to a new number automatically.”

    1.4 Point the Domain to Another Domain

    The Easiest Way to Redirect Domains Through cPanel

    Next, on the https?://(www.)? dropdown menu, select the domain you will redirect to. Here's the explanation:

    • All Public Domains – This option functions to redirect all domains in cPanel.
    • Your chosen domain name – This option is used to specify a specific domain to redirect. This option we will use in this tutorial.

    Then, in the next column, enter the slug of your website, if you want to redirect a specific subfolder. In this example we include subfolders. So that later the link that will be redirected is Please leave blank if you want to redirect your main domain.

    Then Column Redirects to, enter the redirect destination URL. This example will try to redirect to As a result, if you access the URL it will redirect to

    Don't forget to add “http://” before the destination domain name as this is mandatory (a warning will appear if you forget to add.

    1.5 Configure www

    The Easiest Way to Redirect Domains Through cPanel

    In the "www.redirection" section, you must choose one of the 3 options available.

    • Only redirect with www. – This option will redirect if the domain is accessed using “www”. For example, if you access: in a browser.
    • Redirect with or without www. – This option is a combination of the first and third options, so your website will be redirected with or without “www”.
    • Do Not Redirect www . – This option functions to redirect URLs without the “www” in front of the domain name. For example, the URL will be redirected if you access in a browser. We recommend ticking the Redirect option with or without www.

    Then there is the Wild Card Redirect option. This feature will redirect all files in a directory to the same file name in the destination directory. You cannot point the main domain to a different directory within your website. If you select this option, all files in the redirected folder will be redirected to the same files in the destination folder.

    For example, if Wild Card Redirect is enabled for to  As a result, will redirect directly to

    When finished, click the Add button.

    The Easiest Way to Redirect Domains Through cPanel

    1.6 Do Checks

    After completing all the redirect steps, it's time to check. Please access the URL that you are redirecting through the browser. If you still can't get redirected to the new URL, please do the steps below.

    Check whether your website is running well via the website.
    Clear your browser cache (press Ctrl+Shift+Delete on keyboard). Usually the browser still displays content in the cache from the website when the redirect doesn't work.
    Try accessing via a different browser.

    Check again whether your domain is properly directed to your hosting nameservers (you can check via

    2. How to Remove Redirect Domains

    If the domain redirect method above doesn't work properly and your redirect still doesn't work, please delete it and do the settings from Step 1. In the image below, you can see the redirected URL in the Current Redirects section.

    The Easiest Way to Redirect Domains Through cPanel

    In the Actions section, please click Delete. This option will remove the redirected URL.

    3. How to Redirect Domain Very Easy, Right?

    That was how to redirect a domain to another domain via cPanel that you can try. If it doesn't work properly, try to check first if the destination website is down or clear your browser cache.

    If it still doesn't work, you can delete the redirect settings and start over from the first step until the redirect works. Direct practice is the best way, so don't hesitate to experiment with all the options available in this redirect feature.

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