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How to Share Printer / Add Printer in Windows 10 from Network Connection

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    An easy way to connect a shared printer from a local area wifi - as we know printers nowadays are really needed in places that have high productivity, one of which is in offices, campuses, SMEs, cooperatives and so on. Printers today are also not like 2-3 years ago which still have expensive prices and limited facilities.

    The modern era like today where technology is increasingly sophisticated and more and more brand printers continue to provide economical printer pricing options but have complete features, making big brands even more understanding to users, even low-priced printers are now equipped with wireless/wifi connectivity facilities.

    Now discussing about Wireless, yesterday also found a problem, namely adding a printer on Windows 10 which is quite complicated, why is it complicated? it can be said that this printer connection is done by a colleague who uses a computer with windows 7. 

    But another computer that is trying to connect using windows 10, as far as the admin knows this shouldn't be a problem and just stay in the ADD printer, the printer that has been shared with the printer's default driver can directly connected to another user's computer.

    Well, for those of you who are looking for a way to install/add a printer from a shared network, maybe you can follow a little tutorial shared by the team this time, in this tutorial the printer used for practice is the Epson L355 Inktank Printer, this printer has a wps connection which must be set first to be linked to the router / wireless device and then can be shared with network users issued by the router, and if you have tried to add a printer in the usual way, just try the steps with the image below:

    How to Connect Printer Sharing from Wireless in Windows 10

    How to Share Printer/Add Printer in Windows 10 from Network Connection

    1. Download the Printer Driver according to your Windows compatible.

    Windows compatible

    First of all, of course, you have to get rid of the thought about only needing to add a printer, you can, (wrong) you need to first download the driver for the type of printer that you are going to connect compatible with according to the windows 10 you are using, then adjust your windows bit as well, such as in the image below "Download Printer Driver Windows 10 64 bit"

    2. Now after in the first step your printer driver has been downloaded, please install the driver in the usual way, this process is a driver installation so you can access all the facilities owned by the printer

    a driver installation

    3. After the installation process is running and processing, a choice of connection mode will appear. What connection do you use? if you use a connection via network/wifi/router office area you can choose via Network Connection (additional sharing options via wps press search Options), then if the printer is near your computer and can be connected with a USB cable select number 2 only.

    4. After pressing OK, your computer will detect it via the connected wireless network/LAN

    5. When the computer successfully detects the printer that is linked in the local network area or the printer that is shared by your partner

    6. When it feels like the intended printer is correct, you just need to select the printer and press OK, and the printer will connect and add access to the printer to your computer, and if successful, an image like,

    Up here you have successfully connected the printer from the printer sharing area to the network, do the right way to share the printer so that your device/computer can really be connected, now to make sure the printer is connected you can try to do a printer test page from your Windows 10 computer. that, is it successful or not?

    If it works, it means that the application of Add printer on Windows 10 that you just tried is right and suitable for your compatible OS, I hope this information is useful and helps you overcome the problem of how to share printers in work areas, campuses, schools, organizations and others.

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