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What is the Difference between Wi-Fi Direct and Wireless Printing?

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    The more advanced the era, the more support the various technological features that an equipment has. One of them, as will discuss this time, is connection connection technology, as we all know printers used to only use a cable intermediary when connected to a computer, whether it's a parallel printer cable, LPT or USB 2.0, now the connection is getting more sophisticated and starting to change. switch to a wireless connection, namely Wifi which makes it easier to use the printer directly to many devices.

    There are still many printers with cheap selling prices that are equipped with a cable connection, but for the needs of the middle to upper class, now many are equipped with a Wi-Fi connection, there are even printers that have Wi-Fi Direct and NFC connections, that's the topic of the review. this time, what is the difference between Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi direct in printers? the following is an explanation of erzedka for all readers..

    What is WiFi Direct?

    What is WiFi Direct

    WiFi direct is a connection that can connect two different devices for data transfer, printing documents and various other functions. Wireless mesh network is one way to expand a computer network without being limited by distance.

    Unlike WiFi, not all smartphone devices have direct WiFi. WiFi Direct is usually only found on middle and premium class cellphones produced by Samsung and Sony.

    The function of WiFi Direct is not the same as WiFi Hotspot, but is actually very similar to how Bluetooth works, namely to send data files between one device and another more quickly and practically without using a router.

    WiFi Direct's range is also farther and stronger than Bluetooth on your device, which is why WiFi Direct is often referred to as Bluetooth's biggest rival.

    Another advantage apart from transferring large data sizes, WiFi Direct can be used to access and play online games and be connected to various smart devices such as PCs, Smart TVs, printers and even digital cameras without the need for cables.

    With this feature, you can see your smartphone screen on TV or easily print documents directly from your smartphone to the printer or even play video games.

    What is the Access Point of Wi-Fi Direct?

    What is the Access Point of Wi-Fi Direct?

    Sometimes WiFi direct is also called WiFi P2P (Peer to Peer) which corresponds to its function of connecting two electronic devices directly. According to the MacSource page, here are some of the benefits of WiFi direct on a network:

    1. Mobility

    The fun of using a WiFi direct network is that connected devices can move around without being tied to one particular point. This will facilitate a person's mobility, making it more flexible.

    2. Easy to use

    The configuration used in WiFi direct is not too complicated, because the mechanism is similar to WiFi technology in general.

    3. Secure communication lines

    WiFi direct is considered quite safe because it uses WiFi Protected Setup. This technology connects devices to a wireless network via a PIN or password.

    The explanation of the difference between Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi direct on the printer can actually be easily understood and quite visible, what you need to understand first is what equipment is at play here so that it is easier for you to understand the essence of the explanation. You must be familiar with tools like the one in this picture, well, many coffee shops with internet Wifi facilities have this tool, this is the initial explanation.
    First of all to understand a Wi-Fi network is a general description, Wi-Fi is then defined as a local area network (WLAN) product. You need to know a tool that can generate / output wifi, namely a tool called a router, what is a router with an explanation

    A router or access point is a tool that can be useful for generating a network or Wi-Fi, the results of this issued network can serve as a data transmission path or the Internet to its destination (eg the internet is sent to your cellphone). So the router functions as a liaison 2 network or more or in short is to forward data from one network to another.


    Difference between Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Direct

    Explanation of the Difference between Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Direct

    Wifi is presented on printer devices to make it easier for printer users to access the printer without having to plug in a cable first, so your printer can be directly accessed from any device (example: cellphone/tablet/camera), so you only need to pair your printer first. with the network at the office, then if the printer is connected to the office wifi network, people in the office who use the same wifi network can directly access the printer.

    The Wi-Fi network then provides an access point. This access point becomes an intermediary to provide an internet connection with all the features. Without an access point, Wi-Fi will not be able to function properly.

    Is Wi-Fi Direct better than Wi-Fi?

    Currently, many devices are equipped with the WiFi direct feature. As quoted from the Android System page, WiFi Direct has been compatible since the appearance of Android 4.0. Samsung is one of the smart phones that supports this technology.

    Samsung Android cellphone users can now apply the WiFi direct feature well, without the need for additional applications. Its use is similar to Bluetooth in general.

    Unlike Apple devices, users have been able to use this feature since iOS 7. According to Apple's website, examples of WiFi direct technology in its products are AirDrop and AirPlay.

    Different from the WiFi hotspot function in general, the way WiFi direct works is similar to Bluetooth, namely to send data files between one device and another more quickly and practically without using a router. Even though it works similarly to Bluetooth, WiFi Direct's range is wider and stronger on connected devices. Well, that's why you could say that WiFi direct is a serious competitor to Bluetooth technology.

    Apart from being able to send large data, WiFi direct can be used to access and play online games and be connected to various other smart devices, such as PCs, Smart TVs, printers and even digital cameras without the need for cables.

    Thanks to these advanced features, you can see your cellphone screen display on your Smart TV or can also easily print documents directly from your cellphone to the printer and play video games.

    In contrast to Wi-Fi as a basic connection, Wi-Fi direct comes as the latest technological innovation that allows data transfer not to need to go through a router that issues a Wi-Fi network as an access point. This function is more similar to bluetooth. The available data transfer features are faster with a larger capacity.

    Wi-Fi Direct connects two devices to establish a peer to peer direct wifi connection without a wireless router. For this reason, this network supports wireless communication like bluetooth. WiFi Direct is in the concept of "ad-hoc" mode but it's not the same. This device can easily find nearby devices and connect to them automatically. Convenience, also lies in the range further than on a regular router

    Conclusion :

    With WiFi Direct, you no longer need a router as an intermediary/bridge that connects your gadgets (smartphones & Ios) & your computer/laptop devices with the printer. Your printer can immediately issue its own network and directly connect to other gadgets or devices.

    Does Wi-Fi Direct Work without Internet?

    Does Wi-Fi Direct Work without Internet

    Wi-Fi Direct does not require a centralized network or wireless router to share information between devices. Instead, when a connection is established, one device acts as an access point or hotspot. Other devices then connect to this original device using WPS and WPA/WPA2 protocols.

    Once this connection is established, data can be instantly shared between nearby devices, even when a network connection is not available. 

    Connection via Wi-Fi Direct may vary depending on the application. Gamers can connect to share experiences on their personal devices or iPhones, or someone can cast their device to a television, so that anyone in the room can see a real-time projection of what is visible on the device's screen. 

    Some devices can connect automatically, while others require pressing a button on the device before file sharing or file transfer. 

    For security purposes of this function, many connections require PIN input or require you to scan a QR code for wi-fi protected settings. Even with these extra steps, this kind of connectivity offers a variety of benefits in the business environment.

    There are a number of standards regarding how Wi-Fi Direct works as below.
    • Wi-Fi is like the previous explanation where Wi-Fi direct relies on Wi-Fi as an access point, with Wi-Fi capability to connect with other devices.
    • Wi-Fi Direct Device and Service Discovery allows Wi-Fi direct to find each other with special services before connecting. Wi-fi direct is capable of viewing all compatible devices and then narrowing down the list of pre-arranged ones to connect.
    • Wi-Fi Protected Setup when two devices are connected, it will automatically connect via Wi-Fi protected setup or WPS.
    • WPA2 use WPA2 encryption by wi-fi direct is a secure way to encrypt Wi-Fi.

    By taking advantage of With this more advanced network, you can quickly access all devices for printing purposes. Whether it's a smartphone, printer, PC, game console or camera, you can take advantage of Wi-Fi Direct by connecting directly, then sending content directly to the print device will be easier. easy and fast.


    Thus brief information from Erzedka regarding an explanation of the comparison of wifi networks and wifi direct in the printer, hopefully with this article review it can help you understand the explanation of the difference between Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Direct, and will consider it when buying a printer with these features.

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