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How to Start a Career in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a strategy for carrying out online marketing processes by utilizing various digital media, such as websites, social media, email, and so on. Therefore, digital marketing is a business strategy that is most of…

What Is ROI? How to Calculate Return on Investment

One of the important things that every business owner must have is to understand the meaning of ROI or Return On Investment or what is known as the overall rate of return on investment in a business that they do. In this article,…

5 Examples of Email Marketing Newsletters to Inspire You

Email marketing is the choice of digital marketing strategy that you want to implement? There are many advantages of email marketing which are also the reasons businesses or companies choose this one Marketing Strategy.  But, why…

Call to Action (CTA): A Great Way to Direct Audience Action

Do you know what CTAs are? CTA stands for Call to Action, which is a digital marketing term that you will encounter when marketing products online through various media. The term is very popular because it has an important role i…

20 Search Engines Besides Google That Are Safe to Use

Living in an era of rapid technological development means that we, internet users, don't want to be bothered with various things, including when looking for something. Fortunately, currently the internet with all its "ma…

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