Get to Know the Difference Between RAR and ZIP

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Get to Know the Difference Between RAR and ZIP

Difference between RAR and ZIP – Have you tried compressing files in one place? If you've tried it, you're sure to be familiar with and understand both ZIP and RAR file types.

These two types of file programs are file compression programs that make several files into one file with a smaller size.

So that ZIP and RAR can make it easier for you users to move, upload and download a file in one package. This is because the size of the file will be smaller than moving, uploading, downloading files one by one.

The smaller file size is obtained from compressing files after you collect the collection of files into a single file type package, be it ZIP or RAR.

The difference between RAR and ZIP you need to know

Actually, these two types are deliberately made by uploaders so that the uploading process is easier and the download will be faster.

However, are ZIP and RAR the same file type? Even though they both have the same function, what you need to know is that the two types of filers have differences. So, what are the differences between RAR and ZIP? This is the explanation.!!

1) Ease of Extraction

The difference between the two types of files, the first is that you can see from the ease of extraction. In extracting RAR or ZIP files, you need a certain extraction program. In general, for files that use ZIP, you don't need to use a special application.

This is because there are already many platforms that can extract files using the ZIP format. As for files that use the RAR format, you must use a certain application to be able to open the file.

This is what causes you to have to install special applications on your computer, laptop or smartphone if you want to open those stored in RAR files.

Usually, you can open this RAR format using the Winrar application and other types of applications that can help you to open it. Therefore, most people choose ZIP for compressing media files.

2) Compression Speed

The second difference between RAR and ZIP is based on the speed of file or data compression. In terms of speed, ZIP is better than RAR. This is because, ZIP can compress multiple files very quickly. So, this ZIP format really prioritizes the speed of compression rather than the compression results.

Although the file is compressed quickly by ZIP however, you don't have to worry if your file is damaged or lost. This is because the ZIP format has been designed in such a way that the data file is not damaged. You can also see the difference from the compression limit.

For the problem of compression limits, RAR is far superior or bigger than ZIP. For the RAR limit itself, which is around 8,598,935,591 GB.

While the ZIP format, only has a compression limit of only 2 GB. In addition, the RAR format can also compress files up to 70% of the original file. Meanwhile, ZIP, can only be compressed about 60% of the original file.

3) Security

The next difference between ZIP and RAR is based on security. Both ZIP and RAR actually have something in common, namely they both protect files. However, the way they work is very different in protecting the file.

In RAR, the file protection system requires a password from the first time it is downloaded on your hardware. While the ZIP format, you must use an additional application to protect the file using a password.

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