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Download Process Lasso Free

Process Lasso is an application that can be used to automate and optimize Windows processes to increase responsiveness and improve computer performance. This application is equipped with a sophisticated algorithm called ProBalance which can maintain and increase the responsiveness of the computer when the CPU load is high. 

This algorithm will also dynamically adjust the priority of running programs so that the computer continues to work properly. By using this application you can also monitor the use of computer resources including CPU users, names of running processes, status and so on.

Process Lasso Features

There are many computer resource usage monitoring applications that you can use on a Windows PC, but these applications are usually chosen by users who not only need computer resource usage monitoring features but also need features that can optimize computer performance. The number of users who prefer to use this application is certainly not without reason, here are some features and advantages of Process Lasso that you need to know.

1. ProBalance

ProBalance is the main feature embedded in this application, with this feature this application will increase the responsiveness of the computer during high CPU loads. To maintain system responsiveness, this feature will dynamically adjust the priority class of potentially problematic background processes. This feature is designed to act safely and conservatively.

2. LogViewer

This application is also equipped with a Log Viewer feature that can record all creation and termination activities of Windows processes. Users can enable specific logs in the “View” menu.

3. Process Watchdog

Using this application you can define certain actions when a Windows process exceeds a predefined amount of CPU or memory.

If any process exceeds the amount of CPU or memory, you can define different types of actions such as Restart, Terminate, Log, Execute, or Change Affinity. This setting can be set in the Process Watchdog configuration menu.

4. Manage processes and improve Windows responsiveness

The main window of this application displays all running processes, at the top there is a graph showing processor use, responsiveness, process restraint, and memory load.

The list of running processes is equipped with fairly complete information, starting from the process name, user name, application name, ID, applied rules, priority class, CPU affinity and so on. Users can define priority classes for each process manually, but by default the app adjusts them automatically and dynamically.

In short, if you want to monitor your computer's resource usage and improve Windows' responsiveness, especially during times of high CPU load, then Process Lasso is one application you should consider. However, this application is more recommended for advanced computer users.

Release Notes
  • Improve GUI performance.
  • Fixed bugs and improved other features.

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