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Download PUSH Video Wallpaper

Tired of the monotonous display of your PC or laptop screen and that's all? PUSH Video Wallpaper might be the solution for you. Using this application you can change the wallpaper of your PC or laptop using images, videos and animations that can move.

This application is compatible with various versions of Windows from Windows 7 to Windows 10 so you don't have to worry about compatibility. If you use a laptop or PC with limited specifications, you also don't have to worry about this application burdening your computer because this application does not require a lot of memory.
Besides being able to change the desktop wallpaper, this application will also automatically set the wallpaper you use as a screensaver so that the wallpaper will appear when the computer is not active.

Features of PUSH Video Wallpaper

There are many wallpaper applications that you can use for free on Windows, including DeskSpaces, Lively Wallpaper, Rainmeter and so on. This application made by PUSH Entertainment is one that is quite popular, especially among users who want to use video and animated wallpapers.

The number of users who prefer to use this application to change the desktop wallpaper is certainly not without reason, here are some of the features and advantages of PUSH Video Wallpaper that you need to know.

1. Set video, image and animated GIF as wallpaper

Wallpaper is generally an image file, but by using this application you can make a video file or animated GIF as wallpaper.

With this feature, of course, your PC screen display will look more attractive because by using a video file or GIF, the wallpaper will look alive and move on its own.

2. Create video playlist for wallpaper

Not just one video, by using this application you can use several videos at once to be used as wallpaper. So that when one video finishes playing, the app will automatically play other videos in the playlist you created. Interestingly, the video wallpaper you use will also automatically adjust to fit your desktop screen size.

3. Supports various video formats

By using this application you can also use various types of videos to be used as wallpapers such as AVI, WMV videos and so on. In short, if you want to have a video file or animated GIF as your wallpaper, PUSH Video Wallpaper is one app you should consider.

Release Notes
  • Version 4.59
  • Bug fixes and feature improvements.

Download the Latest PUSH Video Wallpaper

PUSH Video Wallpaper

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