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Download Smart Game Booster

Smart Game Booster is a free application that can be used to stop various services and processes running in the background to improve the gaming experience. It is undeniable that some useless services and processes sometimes run in the background so this can degrade computer performance.

Users usually stop processes and services running in the background manually, but by using this application you don't have to bother doing it manually. The reason is, by using this application you can pause services and processes running in the background in one click so that the games you play can run optimally.

Smart Game Booster Features

There are many game booster applications that you can use for free on your Windows PC, including Wise Game Booster and Razer Cortex. This application is usually chosen by users who want to use a feature-rich game booster.

The number of users who prefer to use this application to optimize the gaming experience is certainly not without reason, here are some features and advantages of Smart Game Booster that you need to know.

1. Boost PC performance in one click

As the name implies, this application is designed for gamers who want to optimize their computer to improve their gaming experience. Using this application, you can optimize your computer in one click by selecting the “BOOST” button.

This application will automatically stop services and processes that are not important, clean RAM, and disable startup items. However, these services and processes are not permanently stopped, you can press the "RESTORE" button to return the stopped processes and services to run normally.

2. Overclock the GPU

Apart from stopping useless services and processes, this app will also automatically overclock the GPU. Based on test results, this application can increase FPS by up to 50% on Nvidia graphics cards.

In addition to Nvidia, the GPU overclocking feature embedded in this application also supports AMD graphics cards. With this feature, you don't have to bother adjusting various complicated overclocking settings manually.

3. Monitor CPU and GPU temperature in real-time

This application is also equipped with various statistics about your computer, such as FPS, CPU temperature, GPU, Hard Disk, Motherboard, and fan speed. You can access these statistics through the Metrics or Dashboard menu, or you can display them right at the top left of the screen in real-time so you can see them directly while playing the game.

4. Equipped with a game recorder

By using this application, you don't need to bother using a separate screen recorder application, because this application is equipped with a game recorder that allows you to capture interesting moments while playing games.

You can start recording by pressing Ctrl + Alt + V, or you can change the hotkeys to start recording as you wish.

5. Equipped with a feature to update drivers

Old drivers that are rarely updated can cause various problems, by using this application you don't need to bother visiting the hardware manufacturer's official website to download the latest drivers.

The reason is, you can update the drivers for your mouse, keyboard, headphones, speakers, and other external devices directly through this application.

Other features that are also embedded in this application include Disk Defrag, System Tweaks, and PC Diagnosis. In short, if you want to increase the performance of your computer so that it can run optimally when used for playing games, then Smart Game Booster is one application that you need to consider.

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Smart Game Booster

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