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Download Free DOC To PDF Converter

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    Download Free DOC To PDF Converter - ERZEDKA

    Free DOC To PDF Converter - is a free application that can be used to convert DOC files into PDF files. By using this application you can convert multiple files at the same time.Actually, Microsoft Word itself is equipped with features that allow users to save documents in PDF format, but if you have already saved them in DOC format or you want to convert many DOC files then this application can be a solution.

    If it's your first time using this app, there's no need to worry about difficulties. Because this app is packed with a simple and intuitive interface, it doesn't come with any settings or options that can confuse you.

    Features of Free DOC To PDF Converter

    There are many free applications that you can use to convert DOC files to PDF, one of which is Icecream PDF Converter, but the application is equipped with many features so that its size becomes larger.

    This application made by Free PDF Solution is suitable for those of you who need an application that only provides features to convert DOC files to PDF only. Here are some excellent features of Free DOC to PDF that you need to know:

    1. Convert multiple DOC files

    If you have many DOC files that you want to convert to PDF format, by using this application you don't need to bother converting one file at a time. The reason is, this application allows users to convert several DOC files at one time, so you can save a lot of time and effort, especially if you have enough DOC files to convert.

    2. Set the output storage location

    So that the converted PDF file can be found easily, you can also adjust the output file storage location as desired. In addition, this application is also equipped with an "Open Output Directory" button which can direct you to the location where the output file is saved so that you don't have to search for and open it manually via Windows File Explorer.

    3. It can be used completely for free

    All the features embedded in this application you can use completely for free, you can convert files without a limit on the number. Even though it's free this app isn't loaded with annoying ads, so you can convert files comfortably without worrying about ads.

    In short, if you are looking for a free, simple, and easy-to-use DOC to PDF file converter application, then Free DOC To PDF Converter is one application you should consider.

    Download the Latest Free DOC To PDF Converter

    • Latest Version: 1.0
    • Publisher: Free PDF Solutions
    • Operating System: Windows
    • App Category: Business & Productivity
    • License: Freeware

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