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Download The Latest MSI Afterburner Free

MSI Afterburner is a free application for Windows PCs that you can use to overclock your graphics card or GPU. Apart from supporting MSI GPUs, this app is also compatible with graphics cards from other brands.

This application can provide detailed information about the hardware you are using and is equipped with various additional features such as features to adjust fan speed, benchmarking, to video recording.

As we already know, gamers usually want to get maximum graphics card performance to get the best graphics and speed when playing games. This application is here to help you monitor and boost graphics card performance to the highest level.

Advantages of MSI Afterburner

There are many free applications that you can use to maximize GPU performance, one of which is ASUS GPU Tweak, but this application made by MSI is usually the favorite choice of many users.

The number of users who prefer to use this application is certainly not without reason, here are some of the advantages of MSI Afterburner that you need to know:

1. Support various GPU brands

This app is based on RivaTuner, one of the most popular GPU overclocking apps. You can use this application to boost GPU performance from various brands including MSI, AMD, NVIDIA and so on.

2. A variety of overclocking tools are available

This application is made to cross the limits set by the vendor so that users can take advantage of the various tools provided in this application to adjust the memory clock, voltage, fan speed and so on.

3. OC Scanner

If you have limited knowledge in the world of overclocking, you can take advantage of the features of OC Scanner. This feature is designed for RTX 20 series graphics cards where its function is to find the highest and most stable overclock settings for the graphics card you are using.

4. Hardware Monitors

Hardware performance reports will certainly be needed when you are overclocking. This application is equipped with a Hardware Monitor feature that can display detailed information about hardware in real-time such as temperature, clock speed, voltage and so on.

In addition, you can also display real-time system performance information in the upper left corner of the screen so that you can see the effect of the overclocking settings you have set while playing games.

5. Set the fan speed

Temperature is one of the important factors that need to be considered when overclocking, in order to get maximum performance through this application, users can adjust the fan speed according to their needs. This application will later display a graph of fan speed and temperature in real-time.

6. There are many choices of skins

By using this application, you don't have to worry about getting bored with the monotonous application interface, because you can change the appearance of the program using a variety of skin choices or you can also download costume skins online.

In short, if you're looking for a free GPU overclocking app that supports a variety of graphics card brands, especially MSI, then MSI Afterburner is the one you should consider.

Release Notes
  • 4.6.3 version
  • Added voltage control for some graphic card brands.
  • Improved hardware monitoring module.
  • Added API functionality to read hardware monitoring timestamps.
  • Improved hardware monitoring plugin.
  • Updating IO Drivers.
  • RivaTuner Statistics Server has been upgraded to version 7.2.3.
  • Fixed bugs and improved other features.

Download the Latest MSI Afterburner

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