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PdaNet is a free application that you can use to turn your Android phone into a modem for your Windows laptop or PC. This application can be a solution if you do not have a special modem that can be connected directly to the computer.

However, this application can only run properly if the mobile phone that you want to use as a modem has the PdaNet application installed which can be downloaded via the Play Store and the computer you want to connect to has the PdaNet client application installed which we share here.

If this app doesn't recognize your phone, you can download the phone driver first and enable USB Debugging so that this app can recognize it properly. Interestingly, this application also provides several methods to connect internet access to a computer, including via Bluetooth, WiFi or USB connections.

Advantages of PdaNet

There are only a few software that has a function like this application. PdaNet is usually used as a solution to overcome the WiFi tethering feature on the cellphone experiencing lag or less stability. Here are the advantages of PdaNet that you need to know:

1. Simple and easy to use

When first installed, this application will automatically install the Android USB driver so you don't have to bother downloading it manually. After the installation process is complete, you can ask this application to connect to your Android phone using USB or Bluetooth mode. To prevent wasting quota, you can also block Windows updates.

2. Connect Android via USB or Bluetooth

This application will display an icon in the system tray when you run it. You can access the context menu by right-clicking on the icon and several options will appear. There you can choose to connect your computer to Android via a USB connection, Bluetooth, WiFi to re-share the internet connection received by the computer to other devices.

3. Turn your Android phone into a modem

If you don't have the money to buy a modem that can be connected directly to your computer, you can use this app as an alternative. Using PdaNet, you can turn your Android phone into a computer modem. So you don't have to bother buying a modem or quota separately.

In short, if you want to turn your Android phone into a modem, then PdaNet is the app you must try. Besides being able to be used for free, this application also provides several modes that can be selected as needed.
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