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    Download The Latest Rufus 100% Free - ERZEDKA

    Download the Latest Rufus – Rufus is an application program that can be downloaded for free, useful for creating bootable USB flash disks with the aim of being installation media (Windows, Linux, etc.). Using a bootable USB will be very helpful for a computer technician or laptop owner who will install the operating system but does not have a CD / DVD drive.

    Besides being faster in the installation process than using a CD / DVD, using USB makes it easier for us to update the BIOS, recover passwords, analyze and check the operating system. Interestingly, this application is also portable, so you can use it directly without having to install it first.

    How to use it is very simple. Once downloaded, it can be used immediately (portable). Select the USB drive, locate the ISO file, then press the start button to start the transfer process. Don't forget to backup the flash disk first, because Rufus will automatically format the flash you are using.

    • System requirements

    To install Rufus, we need a system with Windows 7 (32-bit or 64-bit) or later. Once downloaded and installed, the application is ready to use.

    Features of Rufus

    Some of the very useful features of Rufus are as follows:
    • Free and open source
    • Portable
    • Create DOS bootable USB
    • Create Windows to Go drives
    • Check USB media for corrupted blocks
    • Create BIOS or UEFI bootable drives.

    Some of the Advantages of Rufus Software

    1. Small size

    Most bootable USB creation software are small in size no more than a few megabytes, but compared to other software, Rufus is relatively smaller, around 1MB.

    2. Support multiple ISO files

    Although Rufus can only be run on Windows, this program can also be used to create bootable USB ISO files on different operating systems, including Windows, Linux and several other operating systems.

    3. Have a portable version

    Rufus software has two versions, namely the portable version and the installer version. With the portable version, you can start using Rufus right away without having to install it.

    4. Fast and light

    Based on developer testing, Rufus excels in creating bootable USBs compared to Universal USB Installer, WiNToBootic, UNetbootindan, RMPrepUSB and others.

    Download the Latest Rufus

    Immediately, please download the latest free Rufus portable version and installer below.

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