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Snagit - is a screenshot and screen recorder application for Windows PCs intended for creating instructional pictures and videos. Using this application you can edit and send recorded images or videos to certain applications or websites.

Windows itself is actually already equipped with a default screenshot application, namely Snip & Sketch and the Snipping Tool. However, if you need an application that offers more complete features this application could be the right choice for you.

The reason is, this application made by TechSmith Corporation is equipped with a myriad of features that can make it easier for you to create tutorial or instructional pictures and videos.

Snagit Features

There are many screenshot and screen recorder applications that you can use on a Windows PC, including Greenshot, Lightshot, and FastStone Capture. This application is usually a favorite choice for computer users who need a screenshot application with many features. The number of users who prefer to use this application to take screenshots or record screens is certainly not without reason, here are some of the features and advantages of Snagit that you need to know.

1. Take screenshots in various ways

By using this application you can take screenshots in various ways, you can capture the entire screen area or just a certain window.

In addition, the screen recorder feature embedded in this application can also be used to take screenshots longitudinally or vertically. With this feature you can create screenshots containing multiple chat messages at once or one long web page in one image.

2. Record screen, microphone and webcam

Besides being equipped with a screenshot feature, this application is also equipped with a screen recorder and microphone feature that allows you to record all activities that appear on the computer screen and save it as a video.

While recording the screen, you can also record a webcam so that the tutorial videos you create can be easily understood by the audience. Screenshot videos can be saved as MP4 files or animated GIFs.

3. Convert MP4 recordings into animated GIFs. 

In general, the animated GIF file format is usually lighter than MP4, by using this application you can convert short MP4 videos into animated GIF files so that they can be shared easily and quickly.

4. Equipped with video cutter

If when recording a video you accidentally record parts that you don't want to show the audience, you can also cut or delete those parts using the video cutter feature embedded in this application.

5. Extract and replace the text in the screenshot image

This application is equipped with advanced features that can recognize the text in the screenshot image, if you want to move the text in the screenshot image, you don't need to bother rewriting it.

The reason is, this application is equipped with a feature that allows you to extract the text in the screenshot image, so you can copy and paste the text directly into a word processing application such as Word or other applications. In addition, you can also change the text in the screenshot image as needed, including changing words, changing the font type, color, and text size.

6. Upload and share directly

Screenshot images or screen recording videos can be shared directly to various word processing applications including PowerPoint, Word, Excel and so on. In addition to the application, you can also share it on websites such as YouTube or other sites. Interestingly, you can also create a direct link to the screen-recorded image or video.

In short, if you are looking for a feature-rich screen recorder and screenshot app for creating instructional videos or images such as video tutorials, then Snagit is the one you should consider.

Release Notes
  • 2022.0.1
  • Improved video recording engine.
  • Fixed editor issue.
  • Improved localization of Video from Image workflow.
  • Improved video recording via webcam.
  • Fixed bugs and improved other features.

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