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Apple iTunes - is a powerful application that can not only be used as a media player application, but you can also use this application to manage your iPhone or iPod on a Windows PC. This application that is packaged with a fairly concise and simple display also allows you to do various things with your favorite gadget, from backing up data, synchronizing, managing contacts, to installing applications from the Apple Store.

In addition, the application can also be used to play videos and music, you can even set your own playlist according to your wishes. Interestingly, the embedded media player in this application also allows you to subscribe to podcasts, TV shows, and various other types of interesting content.

Apple iTunes features

Actually, there are many alternative iTunes applications that you can use on a Windows PC, but this application made by Apple Inc. is usually the choice of many people, especially iPhone and iPod users. The following are some of the advantages of iTunes that you need to know:

1. Import and Manage Music Files

Using this app, you can import and manage your favorite music files. Not only that, you are also free to create your own playlist as you wish.

However, if you are lazy to manage it manually, this application is also equipped with an automatic playlist generator feature, where you can access the “recently added” menu to view the newly imported files.

2. Buying iTunes Content

To buy content on the iTunes Store, you can not only buy it through an iPhone gadget, but by using the iTunes application on Windows, you can also buy it through a computer device, so you can search and buy content more freely .

There is a lot of content that you can find in this application, ranging from music, podcasts, videos, and so on. Interestingly, the content that you have successfully purchased will also automatically appear on your favorite iPhone, but of course you must use the same account as the Apple account that you use on your iPhone.

3. Music Streaming Service Available

You can also subscribe to Apple Music to listen to more than 30 million songs. In addition, this application also provides a variety of radio stations sorted by genre.

4. Can be used to manage iPhone, iPad, and iPod

iTunes can also be used to manage your favorite iOS devices, starting from synchronizing, backing up data, and so on. In short, Apple iTunes is the right application for those of you who want to manage iPhone, iPad, and iPod gadgets on a Windows PC. In addition, this application can also be the right choice if you often listen to streaming music.

Download the Latest Apple iTunes

  • Latest Version:
  • Publisher: Apple Inc
  • Operating System: Windows
  • Application Category: Multimedia
  • License: Freeware

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