Laptop & PC Update Tutorial to Windows 11 (Ori/Bypass)

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Laptop & PC Update Tutorial to Windows 11 (Ori/Bypass)

Although Windows 11 can be downloaded for free, Microsoft provides hardware limitations, using TPM 2.0. TPM is an abbreviation of Trusted Platform Module, a special chip that serves to provide additional security protection from the hardware side.

However, not all devices currently support the TPM 2.0 feature. Plus, not all users have the knowledge to be able to activate TPM, and most don't even understand the function of TPM itself in general or specifically.

In this article, I will show you how to update a Laptop or PC to Windows 11. There are 2 ways to update. First, for original Windows users through Windows updates automatically (supported hardware). 

The second way is to go through the ISO Image manually and bypass the TPM, so that updates can be done on all computer & laptop specifications (Unsupported hardware).

How to Officially Update Windows 11 (Original)

Before you try to update to Windows 11. Make sure that the specifications of your computer or laptop meet the original criteria from Microsoft. Use the WindowsPCHealth application and install it.

Laptop & PC Update

If the display appears, “This PC meets Windows 11 Requirements” then next, you can update to Windows 11 automatically from Windows Update. The method is as follows:

Steps to Install & Update to Windows 11

  1. For Windows 10 Users > Go to Start Menu
  2. Go to Settings > Update & Security
  3. Then check, if there is write "This PC can run Windows 11"
  4. Next, go to the Download Windows 11 page
  5. Then look into the Windows 11 Installation Assistant section
  6. Click the button: Download Now
  7. Accepts Installation and wait for all processes to finish
  8. Then Windows 10 will immediately update to Windows 11

How to Update to Windows 11 Without TPM 2.0 (Bypass)

Especially for users who are having problems with TPM, the solution is to use a bypass TPM script and ISO file. Make sure your local disk C: has at least 64 GB of space.

Please note, bypassing TPM is at risk of voiding the warranty of your device.

Steps to Install Windows 11 Bypass TPM 2.0 Update

  • Download Windows 11 Installation Media
  • Click the Accept button > Click Next
  • Select ISO file > Then find the folder where you want to save the ISO file. For example on the desktop.
  • When finished, run the downloaded TPM Bypass
  • Go to bypass11 folder > Run Skip TPM Check On Dynamic Update
  • Then double-click the Windows 11 ISO file that has been downloaded.
  • Inside the ISO file > Click the Setup.exe file to start the installation
  • Then, uncheck “I want to help make the installation better”
  • Press the Accept button and just wait until the process is complete
  • Next, you just have to activate it with the Activator

How to Activate Windows 11 Using Activator

How to Activate Windows 11 Using Activator

For activation of Windows 11 that has been installed. Use an Activator program such as KMS VL AIO. How to activate it as follows:
  1. Download the Latest KMS VL AIO (Pass: 2019)
  2. Run the file KMS_VL_ALL_AIO.cmd (Run As Administrator)
  3. Then press button 1 and press enter to activate
  4. Wait until the process is complete and success appears

The tutorial "How to Update To Windows 11" is finished for today. If you have any questions, please write them in the comments column. Hope it is useful!

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