Persepolis Download Manager, Favorite Download Manager Application on Linux!

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Let's forget for a moment the problem of the Windows world, and let's discuss a little about one of the OS that I also use, namely Linux, besides still using Manjaro as a dualboot on my main laptop for work, at home I also install a home server which has many benefits, one of them only for now is as a place where I download a file for 24 hours.

With a 75 Mbps internet connection that I use alone, it's certainly not worth it if it's not balanced by a Download Manager which is okay to support my download needs, and on the Ubuntu Server, which I have now installed the LXQT Desktop Environment which I access using XRDP via the local network, I also use Persepolis Download Manager.
The name Persepolis itself may be quite foreign in the eyes of non-linux users, and may even be equated with MLM drug products which were quite famous in their time, but don't get me wrong, in my opinion, Persepolis Download Manager is the best in its class, why? let's discuss in this short review.

Display Internet Download Manager Really

Persepolis Download Manager, Favorite Download Manager Application on Linux!

If you are a lover of IDM or Internet Download Manager and you happen to not like FDM or other Download Managers, then Persepolis Download Manager can be your alternative, because how not, the display presented is very similar to Internet Download Manager.

Easy Downloading!

One of the reasons I use Download Manager is of course because I want it to be faster and easier to download things, and Persepolis Download Manager in this case has helped me, and although the download method I use is quite complicated by having to manually enter the download link into the application.

But everything is still quite simple, fast, and besides that Persepolis Download Manager also supports pause/resume of certain downloads (as long as the download server supports it).


More or less I think at this point back to each home internet connection, but in my case when compared to using the default download manager from the browser, of course Persepolis download manager works better, sometimes the speed is a bit better even though it doesn't show significant speed.

Available on Any Linux?

Until now, based on information from its GitHub page, you can install Persepolis Download Manager on Linux Debian and all of its descendants, then Arch and all of its descendants and of course Fedora and all of its descendants.


If you are a Linux user who happens to be looking for an alternative Download Manager other than Internet Download Manager, then Persepolis Download Manager can be your next target, maybe the taste and experience will be different depending on the user, but for me, currently Persepolis Download Manager remains the main Download Manager I'm on the Linux operating system that I use.

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