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CPU-Z - is free software that can display complete information about computer hardware, such as CPU, RAM, motherboard chipset, and other hardware embedded in the computer.

Actually there are many similar applications available for the Windows operating system, but CPU-Z is still a favorite application for many people, by using this application you do not need to open the case when you want to see information about the hardware on the computer.

Not only that, CPU-Z also has various advantages compared to similar applications, not only being able to access and reading hardware devices, but this CPUID application is also capable of displaying SPD data such as manufacture, date of manufacture, and component number of the module. memory.

This application is also one of the important applications for overclockers to document the CPU speed achieved from the results of the experiment. Interestingly, CPU-Z also provides two versions of the application, namely the installer and portable versions.

CPU-Z Fitur Features

CPU-Z has a myriad of features that can provide complete information about the hardware you are using, later this application will automatically scan all hardware embedded in the computer. Here are some of the features built into CPU-Z:

1. CPU

The CPU tab is the first tab displayed on CPU-Z. Through this tab, you can see complete information about the CPU, starting from the processor name, number of cores and threads, sockets, maximum TDP, clock speed, cache, and so on.

If you use two processors in one mainboard, a drop-down menu will appear to select the processor for which you want to display information.

2. Caches

The second tab of CPU-Z is caches. In this tab you can see complete information about the processor cache you are using, starting from the L1, L2, L3 cache, and so on.

The cache on the CPU is the cache used by the CPU to reduce the average time in accessing memory, the cache can also be called a small memory, because later the cache will contain copies of data from the locations most frequently used by main memory.

3. Mainboard

On the third tab there is the Mainboard tab. In this tab, you can see complete information about the computer mainboard you are using, from the manufacture, model, chipset, southbridge, LPCIO, and so on. After the motherboard information, there is also information regarding the BIOS, such as the BIOS brand, version, and date of manufacture.

4. Memory

In the Memory tab, you can see complete information about the computer memory you are using, starting from the type, channel, capacity, and so on. Not only that, CPU-Z can also display your memory performance, such as DRAM frequency, latency, delay, and so on.

5. SPD

Next there is the SPD tab, this tab will display more complete information about the RAM you are using, starting from the part number, manufacture, frequency, latency, voltage, and so on.

6. Graphics

If you want to know complete information about your computer's GPU, see the Graphics tab. There information about your GPU will be displayed, such as GPU name, manufacture, technology, clock speed, and so on.

If you want to get more complete GPU information from the information displayed by CPU-Z, you need to use GPU-Z which is specifically designed to check information about computer GPUs.

7. Bench

In the Bench tab, you can benchmark the CPU and then compare it with other CPUs, through this tab you can see the difference clearly.

Download the Latest CPU-Z for PC

  • Latest Version: 2.02
  • Publisher: CPUID
  • Operating System: Windows
  • Application Category: Utilities & Tools
  • License: Freeware

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