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Ocenaudio Free Download 32-bit / 64-bit

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    The Latest Ocenaudio Free Download 32-bit / 64-bit - ERZEDKA

    Ocenaudio - is a free application for Windows PC that can be used to edit and analyze audio files. If you are looking for an easy-to-use audio editing app then this app might be the right choice for you. The reason is, this application is designed to make it easier for professionals and beginners to edit and analyze audio files.

    The application, which is based on the Oceana Framework, was developed by a group of Brazilian researchers who needed an easy-to-use audio editor that supports various file formats, equipped with spectrum analysis and so on. The development of this application focuses on usability, providing cohesive and intuitive audio editing and analysis tools.

    Oceanaudio Features

    Actually, there are many free audio editor applications that you can use on a Windows PC, including Audacity, Wavosaur, WavePad Audio Editing and so on. This application is one that is quite popular, especially among users who want to use an audio editor that is intuitive, free and easy to use.

    The number of users who prefer to use this application is certainly not without reason, here are some features and advantages of Ocenaudio that you need to know.

    1. Supports VST plugins

    VST (Virtual Studio Technology) is a plugin that is quite popular among users who often edit audio. The app can be integrated with the VST plugin to give users access to various audio effects. Interestingly, all the effects in the VST plugin can also be applied directly and you can listen to the results in real-time.

    2. Listen to audio effects in real-time

    This application is also equipped with various types of effects that you can use as needed, including EQ effects, gain, filtering and so on. Of course it will be very difficult to get epic results if we apply these effects without listening to the results directly, fortunately all the effects embedded in this application you can apply and listen to in real-time.

    You can adjust various parameters of the audio effect while listening to the audio resulting from the adjustment of the effect.

    3. Edit multiple audio files at once

    If you have a lot of audio files that you want to edit, you don't have to bother editing them one by one. The reason is, this application allows users to edit many different audio files simultaneously.

    4. Unlimited audio duration

    Have an audio file with a long duration? no need to worry this application does not support these files. The reason is, by using this application you can edit various types of audio files without a duration limit.

    Another advantage of this application is that it is cross-platform and is equipped with an audio signal spectrogram that can make it easier for users to analyze audio signals. In short, if you're looking for an intuitive, free and feature-rich audio editor app, then Ocenaudio is the one you should consider.

    Download the Latest Oceanaudio

    • Latest Version: 3.11.7
    • Publisher: Oceanaudio Team
    • Operating System: Windows
    • Application Category: Multimedia
    • License: Freeware

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