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Revo Uninstaller is a free uninstaller or software remover program for Windows, besides that it can also clean files and registry left over from uninstalled programs to the root without any leftover files on the hard drive.

This application developed by VS REVO GRUOP is also often used by PC users to remove stubborn and difficult programs. When the program cannot be removed through the Windows default features in the Add and Remove Programs menu, now by using Revo Uninstaller you can remove it quickly and easily.

Not only deleting programs, if you delete them through the default Windows feature there will usually be residual files from the program, now by using this application all files from the program will be cleaned automatically.

Actually, Revo Uninstaller also provides a paid version that has more features, but if you only want to use it to remove programs or software, of course, the free version is also more than enough.

Advantages of Revo Uninstaller

Revo Uninstaller is not just an application to remove computer programs, but this application is also equipped with a variety of interesting features that make it better than the default Windows application uninstaller feature. The following are some of the advantages of Revo Uninstaller that you need to know:

1. There are 4 uninstall modes available

When you uninstall a Windows program, you will be presented with four uninstall modes, one of which is a mode that can perform an in-depth scan after the program is uninstalled.

This application will automatically scan and check for residual information on the disk and registry to ensure that the program does not leave residual files after deletion, with this feature, of course, computer performance will be maintained and you can also save storage capacity.

2. Available Hunter Mode

When we want to remove a program we usually have to open the Windows default features first, now by using Revo Uninstaller you don't need to do that, just use Hunter Mode and you can remove the program quickly and easily.

Not only that, in this feature there are also several options, including options to delete, auto-start, stop programs, open application folders, and so on. In fact, you can also use this feature to close programs that are difficult to close.

3. Available autorun manager feature

Programs that are not important on the computer usually run automatically even if the program is not used. Now by using Revo Uninstaller, you can determine what programs can run automatically when the computer is turned on so that its performance remains optimal.

4. Junk cleaning feature is available

Deleting program junk files manually is certainly very tiring, especially if you frequently install and uninstall applications. However, by using this application, you no longer need to delete it manually because this application is also equipped with a scanner and computer junk file remover feature.

5. No ads

Even though it's free, you don't have to worry about being uncomfortable with ads when using it, because Revo Uninstaller is free of ads unlike other free applications.

Download the Latest Revo Uninstaller

  • Lisensi: Freeware
  • Developer: VS Revo Group
  • Sistem Operasi: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10/11

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