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Tutorial How to Easily Connect Gmail to Cortana on Windows 10

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    Tutorial How to Easily Connect Gmail to Cortana on Windows 10

    For those of you who use the Windows 10 operating system, you must be familiar with Cortana. Microsoft's virtual personal assistant turned out to beat its competitor's virtual assistant, Siri by Apple. This is because the results provided by Cortana are more accurate. As we know that Cortana is very helpful in every way.

    Although initially Cortana can only be used on the Windows phone operating system, but now it can be enjoyed by Windows desktop users. One of the activities Cortana can do is to connect directly to your Gmail. So that all kinds of activities related to Gmail will be directly integrated with Cortana.

    Users will very easily manage the gmail account from managing email, files on Google Drive, contacts to managing your calendar. Then how to connect Gmail to Cortana in Windows 10? This article will explain how to easily connect Gmail to Cortana Windows 10. Check out the explanation below.

    How to Connect Gmail to Cortana on Windows 10

    The important thing to know is that you must first activate your Cortana before it can be used. In addition, in order to connect Gmail to Cortana on Windows 10, you must be connected to the internet network.
    The steps that must be taken before following the steps below are that you should already have a Gmail account so that you can then be connected to Cortana on Windows 10. Here is a step by step linking Gmail to Cortana in Windows 10.
    1. The first step, select the circle icon or search on your Windows taskbar, if your icon is not circular then your Cortana is not active >> then select the notebook icon as shown in the red arrow below.
    2. Next, open the Manage Skills tab >> then select Connected services in the Connections section.
    3. Then please select Gmail. The status of a Gmail account that is not yet connected to Cortana is Off. If your Gmail status is On / On, then your Gmail is connected to Cortana.
    4. The next step is to select Connect.
    5. Then please fill in your Gmail address >> then click the Next button or Next.
    6. Please fill in the password or password from your Gmail >> then click the Next or Next button.
    7. Then will appear what are the important points that must get your approval, please read them carefully first. If you have agreed, please click the Allow or Agree button, then Gmail has been connected to Cortana.

    Easy isn't it how to connect Gmail to Cortana on Windows 10? The various kinds of work that Cortana can do really help you in daily activities ranging from small things to even the unexpected.

    By connecting Gmail to Cortana, users can very easily access Gmail. Matters related to sending, reading and deleting emails, files in Google Drive, contacts and calendars can be managed simply by activating this feature. 

    If you want your Gmail to no longer connect with Cortana in Windows 10, then you just have to press the Disconnect button in the Connected Service section of the Notebook. Thus the article on how to connect Gmail to Cortana on Windows 10. Hopefully this article is useful for you.

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