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Vivaldi Browser is a browser software or application that you can use to surf the internet. This application comes with a modern and intuitive interface that can invite users to experience different nuances when surfing the internet.

Although this browser uses the same engine as that used by Google Chrome, namely Chromium, but of course this application offers different features that are ready to pamper you while surfing the internet.

Not only that, most of the features embedded in this browser also come from suggestions and feedback from its users, so all the features in this application will be very helpful for users, especially ordinary users.

Advantages of Vivaldi Browser

Although the name is not as popular as other browsers, this application also has various advantages that can spoil you when surfing the internet. The following are some of the advantages of Vivaldi Browser that you need to know:

1. Has many features, but is intuitive

This one web browser is packed with an intuitive and concise interface, users are also allowed to open multiple tabs and organize them through the Tab Stacks feature that has been embedded in it, so you can switch between tabs easily and quickly whether it's through the mouse or a combination of keys on the keyboard.

Vivaldi has various features to help users have the best experience when surfing the internet. To access the settings menu, you can also access it in just one click.

2. Equipped with Tab Tiling feature

By using Vivaldi Browser, you no longer need to switch tabs, because through this Tiling tab feature you can open several tabs simultaneously, much like a split screen.

3. Customizable interface

Every user has a different way of surfing the internet, so to speed up and make it easier for Vivaldi users, it can be customized according to the habits and desires of its users.

4. Customizable keyboard shortcuts

Vivaldi Browser keyboard shortcuts can be customized according to your convenience, so when performing certain actions you can also define your own key combination according to your convenience.

5. Privacy and security

Although this browser is less popular and people still rarely use it, you don't need to worry about your privacy data, because Vivaldi does not track your activities and data when surfing the internet. If you don't want cookies, cache, temporary files and other data stored in your browser, you can use Private Browsing mode.

In short, Vivaldi Browser is an intuitive and feature-packed browser. If you are bored with the browser you are currently using and want to try a browser with a new feel, then Vivaldi Browser should be considered.

Download the Latest Vivaldi Browser

  • Latest Version: 5.1.2567.66
  • Publisher: Vivaldi Technologies
  • Operating System: Windows
  • Application Category: Browser
  • License: Freeware

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