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VLC Media Player - is a free media player application available for various platforms including Windows, this application developed by VideoLAN supports all types of video formats without having to download additional codecs, such as MPEG, MP4, WMV, WMA, 3GP, OGM, and so on.

VLC Media Player is also usually used as an alternative media player application when other applications do not support certain formats, because all video formats currently available can indeed be played in VLC Media Player. The application, which was originally an academic project for students from the Ecole Centrale Paris institute, is open source, where everyone can contribute to work together to develop VLC Media Player.

Advantages of VLC Media Player

Just like other media players, VLC Media Player also has a variety of advantages and features that are quite interesting, including:

1. Download videos from YouTube

For those of you who like to watch videos on YouTube, you must have had the desire to save the video on your computer so that you can watch it offline. Now by using VLC Media Player, you can download YouTube videos to save to computer storage so you can watch them anywhere and anytime. However, this feature is usually rarely used by users because this feature is stored in a rather hidden place.

2. Convert videos to other formats

This feature is usually used by users who like to play videos on smartphones. Because not all video formats can be played on smartphones, they usually convert to other formats so that the video can still be played.

With this feature, of course, you don't need to use a separate video format conversion application, because the video format conversion feature in VLC is also quite complete, you can convert video formats into MP3, WMA, MPGA, MP4, Webm, and other formats. etc.

3. Audio normalization

VLC Media Player can not only be used to play videos, but you can also use it to play audio files. Now to protect the ears of its users, VLC Media Player embeds a feature that can normalize the sound so it doesn't damage the ears.

4. Streaming radio player

Although it is rare for people to listen to the radio, the streaming radio player feature embedded in VLC can also be an alternative when you are tired of listening to music.

5. Provides many Add-Ons

The built-in features embedded in VLC Media Player are actually sufficient if used for ordinary users. However, if you want to get additional features, you can directly visit the addons.videolan.org page.

There are many Add-Ons that you can use for free developed by the VLC community, ranging from extensions, skins, and so on. If you like watching foreign language films, you can download the subtitle extension to help you translate the film.

In short, VLC Media Player is a free media player application equipped with very complete features. Besides being able to be used to play all video formats, you can also add features that are not yet available by using the Add-Ons that have been provided.

Release Notes
  • Repair and upgrade DVDs.
  • Fixed video rendering.
  • Increase MP4.
  • Fixed DOS and microDNS security issues.
  • Fixed dvdread and dvdnav crashes.
  • Added libsmb2 support.
  • Fixed bugs and improved other features.

Download the Latest VLC Media Player

  • Publisher: VideoLAN
  • Operating System: Windows
  • Application Category: Multimedia
  • License: Freeware

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