10 Ways to Take Care of a Laptop's Hard disk to Make it Last You Must Do!

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10 Ways to Take Care of a Laptop's Hard disk to Make it Last You Must Do!

How to care for a laptop hard disk to keep it durable? Before getting into the method, we should first know what a laptop hard disk is and what its function is.

Hard disk is a hardware component (hardware) to support laptops in providing space to store data from various data processes on the computer.
Usually the hard disk is box-shaped and inside there is a disk as a place for data to be stored, and is permanent in storing data, even if you turn it off. Unless you delete the data manually or the hard disk is infected with a virus, the data will be lost.

Hard disks also have a function, generally, namely to store data permanently in all sectors contained on the disk that are available either for read or write.

How to take care of a laptop hard disk to make it last

Hard disk is different from RAM which is useful for storing data only temporarily. Then you must have a hard disk to be able to process data. Just imagine if your laptop doesn't have a hard disk, then you can't store data and process it.
Well, judging from its function, the hard disk plays a big role in a laptop. therefore you must be able to take good care of the hard disk. How to ? here are the ways:

1. Turn off the laptop with the correct procedure

The first way to treat a laptop hard disk so that it lasts is to turn off the laptop according to the correct procedure. Indeed, turning off a laptop sounds cliché. But if you don't turn off the laptop properly, it will damage the hard disk on your laptop quickly.

Just imagine when your laptop is on, the hard disk on the laptop also works. And when you turn off the laptop suddenly, of course it will make the hard disk tormented. Because at that time the hard disk is processing or reading program data.

Therefore you have to turn off the laptop with the correct procedure by clicking Shut Down. And after that, don't immediately close the laptop while the power button is still on. Take the time to turn off the laptop properly before traveling, OK? It's all for the good of your laptop hard disk.

2. Never Use a Laptop on a Mattress

Using a laptop on a mattress is very comfortable, because we can also be lazy. But this is strictly prohibited because it can make your hard disk damaged quickly. A hard disk that is played on a mattress will make the heat circulation on the laptop not optimally come out. 

And if the heat circulation on the laptop is not optimal it will affect the hard disk on your laptop. So it is advisable to use the laptop in a flat place such as a table or floor.

Don't Use Excessive Partitions

3. Don't Use Excessive Partitions

Usually hard disks have capacities ranging from 3200 GB and above. And the capacity will be divided storage or commonly referred to as a partition. A small example is that the Disk C partition is dedicated to the operating system, while Disk D is specifically for data.

Well, it is recommended that you do not have a large number of partitions. And you should divide it into 3 partitions only, if the 2 partitions are less. That is, you can share it like on Disk C you specialize in the operating system, Disk D for Data, and Disk E for storing programs.

It's okay to use a lot of partitions, but having a lot of partitions will make the hard disk fragment split up in the read and write process. Therefore, it is recommended that you use a maximum of 3 partitions.

4. Don't Store Too Much Data

The way to care for a laptop hard disk to make it last longer is that you don't store too much data. You should not save too much data or don't let your hard disk storage bar turn red.

Because by storing a lot of data on the hard disk will make the hard disk work extra. Therefore, if you really need to store your data, you should buy an external hard disk.

5. Always Pay Attention to the Temperature on the Hard disk

The next way to treat a laptop hard disk is to pay attention to the temperature on the hard disk. Keep the hard disk at a stable temperature and not experience excessive heat. You can monitor the temperature on your PC using programs like HDD Temperature or PC Wizard.

6. Clean the dust on the Hard disk

You have to be diligent to clean the dust on your laptop. Because the amount of dust on the laptop will make the performance of the processor or hard disk slow down.

And the dust that accumulates on the laptop also has the potential to make these components damaged. You can use the services of other people if you have trouble cleaning the dust on the laptop.

7. Defrag Hard disk

You have to do fragmentation on the hard disk. Why should so ? because too much data on the hard disk will make the hard disk ability to decrease.

To help you defrag, you can choose the default defrag from Windows. Or you can also use defragler, ultradefrag, and others. And before defragmenting, you must first check the fragmentation if it is above 10. Then you can defrag.

By doing a defrag, your hard disk will not be damaged quickly because of the data that has accumulated too much. And defrag is also useful for improving the read and write process on the hard disk.

Don't let the laptop shake frequently

8. Don't let the laptop shake frequently

To keep the hard disk will last longer, you should store the laptop properly, and in a flat place of course. Avoid shaking the laptop, because this will damage the hard disk. Especially if the laptop is on without turning it off first when you take it.

Because the laptop may fall and the shock that occurs will damage the hard disk of the laptop and can even die completely.

9. Delete Unnecessary Data

Delete data that is not important, but it is not enough to just use the 'delete' button. Because when you delete data using the 'delete' button it will bring the data into the recycle bin. And the data that accumulates in the recycle bin will overload the partitions on the hard disk.

Then you have to press 'shift + delete' when you want to delete data. This option will permanently delete the data and will not accumulate in the recycle bin.

You can also delete useless data in logs, temporary files, and others. To delete the data, you can use disk cleanup.

10. Use Antivirus

Many viruses can trigger potential hard disk problems. Therefore you must install an antivirus to maintain health and security on the hard disk. You can use the built-in antivirus from Windows such as Windows Defender, or use another antivirus.

Those are 10 ways to take care of a laptop hard disk so that it lasts, make sure to use the method above to make your laptop better and last longer.

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