11 Ways to Overcome Canon MP237 Printer Errors and Causes

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One of the desires of loyal readers on this Erzedka is to discuss errors that occur in one of the best canon printers that are widely used by students (including him who asked) about how to solve the canon MP237 printer error that he has.

Sometimes when you really need to use the printer for printing needs, there is a problem that suddenly appears, and an orange LED flashing alarm light appears. Indeed, this MP237 type Canon printer is equipped with several lights to notify that there is an error in the printer.

This canon MP237 printer error is quite a lot and you might be very confused if you have to memorize all the error codes, so on this occasion Erzedka.com will review various kinds of error codes that are owned as a reference source when your printer has an error, you can see it here and look for it. know what error occurred and how to solve it.

The canon MP237 error will be notified to its users by notifying the orange light multiple times, and when your device is connected to a computer, a notification will also be displayed along with an explanatory image. After you know the number of blinking lights you can find out what the error code means

The error codes that most often appear when the printer is used are error 1300, 5011, 5100, all of these codes will make the Canon printer unable to run printing activities, this happens because there is paper jammed in the printer unit.

In addition, there are also many error codes that commonly occur on Canon MP237 printers, various causes include FINE cartridge cannot be recognized, Paper Jammed, Printer is out of paper, and many more. For more details, you can see the Erzedka explanation below

Various Canon MP237 Printer Error Codes and How to Solve Them

Various Canon MP237 Printer Error Codes and How to Solve Them

1. Error 1000 Canon MP237

The error that occurs is "Printer is out of paper / paper does not feed" usually the notification that appears is the LED light blinks 2 times on the canon mp237 printer, the way to solve this error 1000 is by inserting paper in the rear tray (the paper part). enter above) then press the black/color button on the printer.

2. Error 1300 Canon MP237

The error given in this notification usually shows 3x blinking/blinking on the canon MP237 printer, this error is "Paper Jamed", this error occurs because there is paper stuck in the printer's printing, try to find out if there is paper and clean/remove it for paper problems the clock in the error notification is missing.

3. Error 1687 Canon MP 237

What happens to the canon mp237 printer when this error notification appears is "Cartridge is not installed properly" here the error notification that appears on the canon printer unit is the LED light flashes 4x.

This error occurs because there is a possibility that the cartridge is not installed properly and is not locked properly

4. Error 1486, 1487 on Canon Mp237

Almost the same as the previous Canon printer error code in the cartridge section, but the only difference is the code is the FINE Cartridge error is not installed in the correct position, the notification that appears on the printer unit is 7 times blinking / blinking of the LED on the canon mp237 printer.

How to solve in this case you can try to remove and reinstall the printer cartridge and you make sure again that the printer cartridge is installed correctly, but if this problem still appears it could be that your cartridge is damaged, you can try with a new cartridge

5. Error 1401, 1403, 1401 on Canon MP237

Still the same error in the cartridge section, the error that occurs is the same as error 1687 but has a different notification model, in this error the notification that appears The FINE Cartridge is not installed properly accompanied by flashing lights / blinking 5 times, how to fix it can be in try the same way as above,

6. Error 1700 on Canon MP237

This next error occurs in another part of the printer, namely the printer ink with a notification on the monitor screen.

The ink absorber is almost full and is accompanied by a notification through the LED light flashing / blinking 8 times on the canon mp237 printer unit, for how to solve your error problem can try to do head cleaning as a whole.

7. Error 1684 on canon Mp237

The error that occurs in the printer cartridge section is again the same as before, it just has a different sign on the notification blink/blink light 14 times, the way to solve it is the same as error code 1401, 1403, 1401,1486, 1487,1687 MP237.

11 Ways to Overcome Canon MP237 Printer Errors and Causes

8. Error 1688 on Canon MP237

This one is one of the errors with the number of flashes/blinks lights 16 times, it can be called the most banThat's right, so it's quite easy to memorize, the error that occurs is the Printer Ink Error (The ink has run out) marked with a flashing light/blink 16 times on the printer, the way to fix it is "press the stop/reset button" for 5 seconds.

9. Error 1686 printer Canon MP237

the next error occurs in the ink section also with a notification on the computer screen The remaining ink level cannot be detected and is accompanied by a light on the printer unit flashing/blink 13x, what happens here is that the printer cannot detect the existing ink level/capacity, how to solve it For this error, you can press the stop/reset button for 5 seconds, then release it.

10. Error 5100 Canon MP237

the next error is error code 5100 on the canon mp237 printer, this code shows the light flashes / blinks 2 times, maybe here is the same as the canon 1300 printer error code that we first wrote, this is probably because it is still the same on the paper. The fix is ​​to pull the paper that is concerned.

11. Error B200 Canon MP237

The last error code that may have happened to your canon mp237 printer is error B200, this error tells you the number of blinks of the led lights on the printer unit as much as 10 times, usually what causes this error is because the printer experiences a high temperature difference due to the printing process or the environment, or it could also be an increased power supply temperature pressure. 

How to solve this canon mp237 printer b200 error can be done by turning off the printer and then removing the power cable that is connected to the mains for some time (5-7 minutes) so that the printer temperature can return to normal

That's the summary of Erzedka.com regarding the complete list of canon mp237 printer error codes which will usually be displayed on the lamp on the printer unit. We have also completed the error code with a summary of information on what causes the error in the printer and how to easily solve each error code.

This is very important for users of this type of Canon printer to know, so that they can be more focused when repairing the printer, so that the printer will not experience prolonged errors and cause other errors.

Hopefully this information can help you, and make your canon mp237 printer, which is currently having trouble and can't print, run normally again, thank you.

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