16 Best Selling Printers from Various Brands, Types and Types this Year

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16 Best Selling Printers from Various Brands, Types and Types this Year

The list of the latest best-selling printer options – The best-selling printer with complete facilities at low prices is everyone's goal when they feel they need a printing tool to help meet their printing needs for various activities, but it's not as easy as that dream when you find a variety of printer options on the market.

Well, in today's modern era it is easier to get this hardware, because the distribution of printers to all region is quite fast. But how to determine the choice of a printer that suits our needs? And determine what type of printer is suitable for our prints?

So, for those of you who are confused and are still quite new to choosing a printer on the market, you need to pay attention to the 3 short tips from erzedka below, before getting a recommendation for the best-selling printer choice, what are these tips??

Tips for Choosing the Right Printer

1. Adjust your budget

Printers have special specifications that are usually adjusted to the price, this price also affects the quality of the printer, printer facilities, printing quantity, and printing mode.

2. Know your Printing needs

What kind of print needs do you need, you have to adjust the printer that will be used for how long, the number of prints required from using the printer at that time, the printer has a fast print speed or just standards, and printing modes that still use cartridges or has kept up with the times with the addition of an infusion mode (equipped with an ink tank)

3. Types and types of printers

There are several types of printers that are widely spread out there, there are types of inkjet printers, laser printers or dotmatrix printers. Each of these types has its advantages and disadvantages, find the one that best suits your needs. Don't know the type of printer? Read in the description and information Printer types and types

Well, after reading the short tips above, ezedka.com has several types from all of the best fi funia printer brands that might match what you're looking for,

Recommended List of Best-selling and Best Printer Choices from Various Brands

Epson Brand Printer Recommendations

Epson L-Series type L-3110

This type is one of the 4th generation printers from the Epson printer brand which in each unit is equipped with an official Epson infusion ink tube. This printer with multifunction printer features is a favorite and best-selling in the market because of its affordable price and complete features.

Epson L-Series type L-3110

  • Print, Scan, Copy
  • Print resolution: 5760 x 1440 dpi
  • Print speed : Black 10 ipm/Color 5 ipm
  • Epson Authorized Infusion Ink Tubes
  • USB 2.0 Connectivity
  • Dimensions: 375 x 347 x 179 mm.

Epson L3150 – Multifunction Inkjet
  • Print, Scan, Copy, Wifi
  • Epson Authorized Infusion Ink Tubes.

Epson M200 – inkjet
  • Best quality pigment ink
  • Copy and print speeds up to 34 ppm (15 ipm)
  • Epson iPrint . network connectivity
  • ADF
  • 2-line LCD screen
  • Warranty 4 years or 50,000 pages (s n k apply)
  • Official Infusion Ink Tube (Black Only)

Epson LX310 – Dotmatrix

Print Only, this printer is more suitable for printing reports, outgoing letters, travel documents, etc.
Because in its application the print media of this printer uses NCR paper, aka several layers of paper.

Epson L-Series type L-120

This type is one of the 2nd generation printers from Epson printers which is also equipped with Epson Official Infusion Ink Tubes, until now there are still many users of this printer because many comments say this printer is quite durable. This device only has a Print only facility, aka print only, no scan or photocopy.

Epson L-Series type L-120

  • Print, Scan, Copy, Wifi
  • Epson Authorized Infusion Ink Tubes
  • USB 2.0 Connectivity

Recommended HP Brand Printer Options

From HP printer brands, there are also several types that are selling well on the market, HP printers have a large selection of printer types that are tailored to the needs of their users, both in terms of classification, character and facilities.

HP Ink Tank Wireless 415

The best-selling HP printer, the first to be held by the HP Inmtank 415 type, has a printer price of under 3 million, this printer can fulfill your various printing activities. Just like the Epson L-Series, this printer is also equipped with infusion technology and HP official ink tank tubes

When compared with other world's best printer brands, HP printers are superior to the quality of the ink they print, which is said to be more durable and sharper.
Print, Scan, Copy + Wifi

List of other best-selling hp printer types in this year:

HP Ink Tank 315
  • Print, Scan, Copy
  • Print speed up to 19 ppm
  • USB
  • HP Authorized Infusion Ink Tubes

HP Deskjet 2135
  • Print, Scan, Copy
  • Print speed up to 20 ppm
  • Durable Ink Quality

Recommended Canon Printer Options

From the Canon printer brand, there are many types of printers launched every year which are aimed more specifically at certain needs, such as printers for printing photos, printers for printing documents/tasks, as well as printers that were just launched in early 2020, namely printers for nail art needs (printing on the nails), quite varied not the choice. So, for information on the current best-selling printers, here's the list:

Canon G2000 Printer

It is equipped with complete printing facilities, affordable prices and can produce a large number of prints up to more than 6000 sheets, making the Canon printer type selling well in the market. Many Canon printer users say that this printer is quite stubborn and doesn't need maintenance too often. Print, Scan, Copy. 

Some other best-selling HP printer types in 2021:

Epson G4010 – inkjet
  • Print, Scan & Copy and Fax
  • ISO Standard (A4) compliant print speed: up to 8.8ipm black / 5.0ipm color
  • USB 2.0 Hi-Speed, WiFi, Mopria, AirPrint, Access Point Mode

Printer Canon iP2770
  • Print Only (print only) black + color
  • Print with Cartridges Canon Fine Cartridge Technology
  • Prints a 4 x 6 inch borderless photo in 55 seconds.
  • Fast speed USB 2.0 connectivity

PIXMA iX6770
  • Inkjet Printing up to A3 size (5 Ink Colors)
  • Print speed up to 10.4ipm (color) / 14.5ipm (mono)
  • Photo Speed ​​4 x 6″: 36 seconds(no border)

  • Print, Scan, Copy, Fax
  • A4 print speed up to 8.8ipm black / 4.4ipm color
  • Hi-speed USB 2.0, WiFi, Mopria, AirPrint, direct wireless

Recommended Brother Printer Options

Now, the latter is no less great than the printer brands above, and according to the erzedka team when the Brother printer brand has actually implemented infusion technology that understands its users better, but unfortunately it is not equipped with a special tube. The quality and printouts from this printer are also quite competitive in terms of quality, color sharpness, and durability. other

Printer Brother DCP-T310
This type of printer is the best-selling Brother printer type among several other Brother printer types, apart from the most affordable price, the Brother multifunction printer which is equipped with scan and copy is also sufficient for the needs of personal and medium-scale business printers, specification support is quite good. and reliable printing technology makes the print quality of this 2 million Brother printer satisfactory.

In addition, this type of brother printer is also equipped with ink cartridges that can be refilled so that users don't need to keep buying cartridges that can only print limitedly.

Printer Brother DCP-T310

  • Print, Scan & Copy
  • Quality-saving print up to 6500 black ink sheets & 5000 color ink sheets
  • Easy access for ink refills
  • A4 print speed up to 12 ipm black / 7 ipm color
  • Print borderless.
Some other best-selling Brother printer types in 2021: 
Brother DCP-T510W
  • Print, Scan & Copy
  • Wireless Connectivity. Wifi-Direct, Direct Mobile Print/Scan
  • Quality-saving print up to 6500 black ink sheets & 5000 color ink sheets
  • A4 print speed up to 12 ipm black / 10 ipm color
  • Features 1 line LCD and control panel
  • Print resolution 1200 x 6000 dpi

Brother DCP-T710W
  • Print, Scan & Copy.
  • Connectivity USB 2.0, Wireless(Wifi-Direct, Direct Mobile Print/Scan).
  • Brother Authorized Infusion Tubes.
  • Quantity Scan & Multi-Seamless Copy (ADF/Automatic Document Feeder).
  • Quality-saving print up to 6500 black ink sheets & 5000 color ink sheets
  • A4 print speed up to 12 ipm black / 10 ipm color.
  • Print resolution 1200 x 6000 dpi.
  • Features 1 line LCD and control panel.

So that's the information on the price list for the most popular and sought after best-selling printers by printer users in 2021, actually there are also several other printers, but in our opinion they are suitable according to our criteria or the price of the printer is still above 4 million.

We took the above data from several reliable sources and can be used as a reference for information. Regarding the specifications and completeness of the features of each type of printer, you can find out in more detail hereby pressing the "read more complete printer information" button or looking for it in the search field on the front page of the printer Erzedka website, hopefully this is useful, thank you.

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