4 Reasons Why Fashionable Smartwatches Are Very Favored by Young People

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Now, many people use smartwatches as an accessory that is worn daily. The younger generation, such as millennials and gen Z, are the majority users of this gadget. Reporting from www.wareable.com, the smartwatch concept has actually been around since 1927. At that time, this wearable gadget had a shape like a watch with a small map.

However, this map is not like the Global Positioning System (GPS) in today's devices. The user must still enter a small scrolling map into the watch device before use to show directions from one point to another.

4 Reasons Why Fashionable Smartwatches Are Very Favored by Young People

Over time, various innovations were made to perfect smart watches, including equipping a number of advanced technologies in them. Thanks to this advanced technology, watches are not just a tool to show the time.

This device also has other functions that can provide a number of more benefits for its users. Here's the review...

1. Knowing the user's health

One of the advantages of smartwatches that many people see is the presence of health indicator features, such as heart rate and blood pressure recorders. A number of smartwatches also have a warning feature if the user is indicated to have heart rate and blood pressure disorders. Not only that, the health indicator feature is also equipped with sleep monitoring. Thus, users can find out the duration and quality of sleep they get.

The sophistication of the smartwatch is also used by Mount Sinai Hospital and Stanford University, United States, to help detect Covid-19 early.

By involving 300 medical workers for 153 days, the research conducted by the hospital found that the smartwatch was able to detect subtle changes in the heart rate of someone who had been infected with the corona virus.

"We know that heart rate variability changes with inflammation in the body and Covid-19, including overt inflammation," said Rob Hirten, assistant professor of medicine at Mount Sinai Hospital.

Currently, almost all smartwatches are equipped with a tracker feature that can motivate users to move more actively. You can also record your movement activities to get input from your smartwatch. This gadget can also help you meet certain fitness targets. Through a smartwatch, you can check your heart rate, number of steps and distance, number of calories burned, and analyze your health.

2. Sports friends

The next advantage, smartwatches can be the best sports companion. The reason is, the smart watch has been equipped with a tracker feature for various types of sports, such as jogging, cycling, and fitness.

With this feature, users can find out how many calories have been burned during a workout session. Likewise with the number of steps that have been taken.

Smartwatches can also assist users in meeting certain fitness goals. In addition, users can also record movement activities and get input from the smartwatch. With these features, users can be motivated to keep moving in order to get a healthy body.

3. Connect with smartphone

Like most modern devices, smartwatches can also be connected to smartphones. This makes it able to display certain smartphone notifications on smartwatch devices. A number of notifications that can be connected are weather, flights, calendar, and traffic conditions.

Smartwatches can also display message notifications, such as WhatsApp or Instagram. Not only notifications, the smartwatch can also play and control the music on the cellphone.

Smartwatches can be connected to smartphones to display notifications that appear on your smartphone. So, you can stay updated without having to fiddle with your smartphone. Some of the notifications that a smartwatch can display are weather, flights, calendar and traffic conditions.

Apart from that, this smart watch can also display message notifications such as Whatsapp or line. Some smartwatches can even reply to WhatsApp messages received via the voice feature.

4. Contemporary design

Contemporary design

In addition to sophisticated functions, smartwatches are popular with the younger generation because they have a fashionable design. In fact, some smartwatches can enhance the appearance of their users.

Now, many manufacturers are competing to produce smartwatches with contemporary designs according to the tastes of the younger generation, such as replaceable watch straps or an interface that adapts to the user's clothes.

Those are the four advantages of smartwatches that are in demand by the younger generation. These four advantages are also owned by Oppo Watch Free. The smartwatch from the hi-tech brand has an AMOLED screen design and 2.5D curved glass.

With a 1.64-inch AMOLED screen and a light brightness level of 326 pixels per inch (ppi), the Oppo Watch Free can produce sharp images and natural colors.

Oppo Watch Free has more than 40 interface themes that can be selected according to the user's wishes. In fact, this premium smartwatch has an artificial intelligent (AI) display feature. With this feature, users can get a smartwatch interface theme according to the clothes the user is wearing just by taking selfies.

Oppo Watch Free also supports users to live healthy lives. This smartwatch from Oppo can recognize various types of sports activities, from running, walking, rowing, to elliptical machines. In addition, the Oppo Watch Free also supports the continuous measurement of oxygen levels in the blood.

Users can also monitor and analyze sleep quality professionally and comprehensively through the OSleep feature. The measurements can be personalized before, during and after sleep in order to effectively detect sleep problems and provide suggestions for the right sleep time.

Oppo Watch Free is also capable of displaying various notifications from alarm applications, weather, calls, short messages, and music players. To support these various features, the Oppo Watch Free is equipped with a battery with a battery life of 14 days for normal use.

The device also features VOOC Flash Charge fast charging. Thus, users can charge only 5 minutes for a full day of use. In addition, the device is also equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 and water resistance to a depth of 50 meters.

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