Complete! How to Overcome Epson L360 series Print / Print Results

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Overcoming Striped Printer Results on the Epson L-360, finding striped print results when printing tasks or images is an annoying thing, why do you get striped prints? even though the printer in its previous use found perfect results. Things like this will certainly interfere with your work, how do you deal with it?

How to solve the problem of striped prints on the Epson L360 printer or various other types can be easily solved by knowing in advance what causes the printer to experience this, such as:
  • Old Printer Not Used Printing.
  • Infusion ink does not flow into printing (usually a cold).
  • Out of ink condition.
  • The print head is clogged due to dirt/dust.
  • The ink control lever around the cartridge is not in the print position (on the old series).

Ways to Solve the Problem of Striped Prints

Complete! How to Overcome Epson L360 series Print / Print Results

1. Refill and Check Ink

The first thing to do is check the condition of the ink, check if the ink is still there. It is quite common for streaky prints to occur due to running out of ink. If the ink runs out, refill the ink immediately, if it is still there, try to check if there is air in the ink hose (usually you can see an empty gap in the ink flow in the hose)

if indeed there is no problem with the ink, and the condition of the ink is still available and normal, proceed to the next method of dealing with broken prints..

2. Overcome Print Stripes with Maintenance

Here you can do light maintenance first using the Maintenance method, either by Nozzle Check or Head Cleaning directly, these two methods are actually the same menu "aims to do cleaning (*cleaning), but at the nozzle check you can get information on the condition of printing quality. Many of the printer users will usually succeed in this way so that the print results are perfect again.

How to do a nozzle check and then process this cleaning You of course have to install the Epson L360 series printer driver (if you haven't read it here), you just have to go to the printer preferences option, so the maintenance menu will appear, here are the steps

  1. Click start on your computer screen then select devices and printers on windows 10, it's easier to press start > then directly type Devices and Printers.
  2. Select on your Epson L-Series printer, right click on the printer, select printer preferences.
  3. After that a menu will appear as shown in the image below, select the maintenance tab.
  4. Select the nozzle check menu first to find out the quality of the print results, if you feel the results are not perfect (striped/broken) you can continue by pressing the clean button (this is the same as the head cleaning menu).
  5. The printer will process the cleaning (read the explanation and the meaning of the cleaning head on the printer).
  6. After the process is complete you can check the quality of the prints again, as in step no.4 (note: if possible, give 2-3 minutes a gap, give the head a little time to cool down).
Now that's the method most often used by printer owners to solve the problem of striped printouts on their Epson L360 printer, in the Maintenance step you can do 2-3 times if you feel the results are still not perfect according to the example in the picture when doing a nozzle check.

And if it feels like the method above has been done up to 4-5 times and it still doesn't give perfect results, you can try to proceed to the method below,

3. The Last Way to Overcome Printer Stripes with Power Ink Flushing's advice on using this method is only true when the printer does not get perfect printouts, while the above process of overcoming steps has been tried repeatedly. Because this last method will waste a lot of your ink, so the printer forces the printer to maximize the ink release, with the hope that the ink will return to the same as when the printout was perfect.
  • This method can be done by selecting the Power Ink Flushing menu on the maintenance menu tab.
  • Select Printer Preferences > select the Maintenance tab > select the Power ink Flushing menu.

This last method has also been practiced by the Admin when dealing with a user's printer with a condition of about 1 month not being used, and quite often finding lined prints and sometimes even one of the color inks does not come out.

If the above methods have been tried and do not work, our suggestion is to take your printer unit to the nearest printer service center. It could be a more serious problem and need further treatment. I hope it can be useful and help all readers, thank you.

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