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Download Smadav 2022 Rev. 14.8.1

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    Download The Latest Smadav Free Download - ERZEDKA

    Smadav is an Indonesian-made computer antivirus developed by Zainuddin Nafarin. Antivirus which was developed in 2006 is usually the best choice for users who want to use a lightweight antivirus. The reason is, Smadav does have a very small installation size (under 2 MB). Not only that, this antivirus also doesn't use much internet connection when used on an online PC.

    When active Smadav also only requires less memory than other antiviruses, even the developers claim that Smadav usually only takes up about 10 MB of memory. Of course, the small resources needed and the light size make your computer's performance will not be affected or slowed down.

    Unlike other antiviruses, which cannot be paired with other antiviruses, if you use Smadav, you can install other antiviruses side by side to protect your computer extra.

    Smadav Advantages and Features

    1. One-Virus By-User

    With this feature, you can add malicious virus files and clean them manually. However, if you don't want to be complicated, you can also report various types of viruses that have been found through the virus reporting page that has been provided on the Smadav official website.

    Viruses uploaded by users will be investigated in Smadav Lab for inclusion in the virus database in the next update. The more you find virus files, the developers will also find it helpful in detecting new viruses.

    2. Process Manager

    As the name implies, this feature allows you to manage the programs running on your computer. Through this feature, you can also view information about running applications, such as memory usage, and so on.

    Interestingly, through this feature you can also stop programs that are not needed or that consume a lot of resources. Actually the Process Manager feature is almost similar to the Windows default Task Manager feature.

    3. Win-Force

    You can use this feature to open Windows management programs such as Task Manager, System Configuration Utility, Command Prompt, Registry, and so on.

    4. Smad-Lock

    Storage is a vital object of virus attacks, but by using Smadav, you don't need to worry, with this feature you can lock your computer drive or USB flash drive. Smadav will automatically create a folder called autorn.inf to anticipate drive insertion by a malicious autorn.inf file. This method is arguably quite powerful in warding off shortcut viruses that usually attack flash disks.

    5. System Editor

    As the name implies, this feature is used to fix computer settings changed by viruses. In addition, if you use a public computer such as an internet cafe, this feature allows you to manage Windows system programs without having Administrator rights.

    6. USB Flashdisk Protection

    It is undeniable, flash is one of the media for spreading viruses that is quite large, fortunately Smadav has a feature that can prevent viruses that are spread through Flashdisk. Although some types of viruses are not in the Smadav database, this antivirus can still detect new viruses on the flash drive thanks to the special capabilities embedded in it.

    7. Additional protection for computers

    Unlike other antiviruses that cannot be run simultaneously with other antiviruses. By using Smadav, you can still use other antiviruses, where Smadav will act as additional protection to strengthen your computer from virus attacks.

    In short, Smadav is an antivirus that can be the right choice if you are looking for a lightweight antivirus that can protect your computer from harmful viruses.

    Release Notes
    • New theme.
    • Added new 7051 virus to database.
    • New feature to select AI detection level when scanning.
    • Fixed bugs and improved other features.

    Download the Latest Smadav

    • Latest Version: 2022 Rev. 14.8.1
    • Publisher: Smadav Antivirus
    • Operating System: Windows
    • App Category: Security & Privacy
    • License: Freeware

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