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Easy Ways to Use the Epson L5190 ADF Scan Feature

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    Scan tutorial using Epson adf printer – How to scan on the Epson L5190 ADF printer? You can scan originals and save them as digital files to make storage and archiving easier.

    The Epson L5190 printer supports the ADF (Automatic Document Feeder) scan feature. So you can scan a large number of documents at once which makes it more practical and saves time. Read more about the explanation of what ADF is..!!

    Unlike conventional printers, the scanner is slow and must be entered one by one. The ADF Scanner belonging to Epson L5190 or the ADF scanner feature on other types and brands of printers is already able to scan more automatically and faster.

    The paper sizes that can fit into the Epson L5190 ADF are quite diverse, such as A4 paper (210 × 297 mm), Letter (216 × 279 mm), and Legal (216 × 356 mm) or what is widely used, namely paper size. F4 (210 x 330).

    You can load approximately 30 sheets of paper at once into this Epson ADF so you can scan at the same time more practically and quickly.

    How to scan on ADF Epson L5190

    Easy Ways to Use the Epson L5190 ADF Scan Feature

    First, please prepare the document you want to scan first and after that place the document at the top of the printer where the ADF is.

    You can place one-page originals or multiple pages at once through the ADF. Make sure the original is not wrinkled or folded, and that there are no holes, staples, tape, or
    other materials that may block the feeder.

    Scan steps on ADF epson L5190 using control panel

    You can scan images to a computer using the control panel buttons on the printer. The printer will automatically select the default scan settings, but you can change them as needed.

    If you are scanning to a computer, you can change the default scan settings through the computer settings.

    Make sure you have installed the printer software and have connected it to your computer or
    network. After successfully installing, restart it first so it can connect. Also make sure the firewall does not block this printer software.

    1. Press the home button.

    2. Press the left or right arrow button to select scan, and then press the OK button.

    3. Press the left or right arrow button on the screen to select a scan option. Please select according to taste to save the scan results in JPEG, PDF, or email format, then press the OK button.

    4. The email option only supports MAPI types such as Microsoft Outlook, Windows Live Mail, Mac Mail, and Entourage, but not web-based email like Gmail.

    5. Do one of the following:
    • If you are scanning to a network computer, select the target computer from the list.
    • If your product is directly connected to a computer with a USB cable, select USB Connection.
    6. After that press the start button to start scanning.

    7. Wait for the process to finish and you can see the results on your computer according to the settings you set earlier.

    How to scan the ADF Epson L5190 using a smartphone

    In addition to using a computer or laptop, you can also scan the Epson L5190 ADF via an Android smartphone.

    To be able to do this, make sure your device must be connected to the same wireless network as the Epson L5190 printer.

    <> Pay attention to the scan steps in the following Epson ADF

    • First, please download the Epson iPrint application via the google play store or directly from the Epson website.
    • After that, please install the application to the smartphone you want to use to scan.
    • Open the Epson iPrint application and select the L5190 printer.
    • Select scan settings and scan your original.
    • Save your scanned image to a file or cloud location.
    That's the review that can share on this occasion, this article was made from the request of several visitors who asked us about "How to use the ADF scan & photocopy feature on a Multifunction Printer" and this is what we can share about the basic method you can apply when trying to use the ADF feature, hopefully it will be useful and can help all readers.

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