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Guide How to Clone Windows 10 to HDD / SSD for Beginners

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    Guide How to Clone Windows 10 to HDD / SSD for Beginners

    Cloning is a way to duplicate or duplicate data from one hard drive to another. For example, hard drive A already has an operating system and a complete program. While hard drive B is still empty or has not been filled with programs at all.

    So, by doing the cloning process, for example from computer A to computer B, then you will get the contents and appearance of computer B which is exactly the same as computer A. 

    So this cloning process is a very efficient and effective way compared to having to install the operating system and programs one by one. on computer B which will take a long time.

    How to clone Windows 10

    There are several ways to clone Windows 10. One of them is by using an additional application. Some of the applications commonly used to clone hard drives or Windows 10 are Acronis Director, Clone Disk, EaseUS Todo Backup, and so on.

    Actually the way to do cloning is quite easy, although carefulness is needed. Because the process is sequential and not a little long. But not as long as you install a new operating system. In this article, we will discuss how to clone Windows 10 using the EaseUS Todo Backup application.

    The EaseUS Todo Backup application is an application that has very powerful utilities for its users. This application has various benefits such as backing up data, cloning or copying the operating system completely.

    This application has two versions, namely a free version and a paid version. But, the free version is actually already very fulfilling your main needs. Just follow the steps below.
    1. First, please download and install the EaseUS Todo Backup application first. You can download this application on the official EaseUS Todo Backup website. Double-click the installer file that you downloaded earlier, then click Install Now.

    2. Wait for the installation process to complete.

    3. Then select Start Now.

    4. Enter the activation code if you have one then select Activate now. If not, just select Later.

    5. Then, please click the three line icon on your left.
    6. Please select System Clone. As shown in the image below. But, make sure before you start, either SSD or HDD storage is installed with a completely new or completely empty partition and doesn't have a partition yet.

    7. Then, please click the check mark on the storage section that you want to clone or copy. Then, you can also choose additional options in the Advanced Options section. Please click Advanced Options, as shown below.

    8. Well, there will be 3 choices for you.
    • Optimize for SSD : You can select this if the destination hard drive is an SSD type.
    • Sector by sector clone : You can choose this if the source and destination hard drives are the same size. If it's different then it's not necessary. Or if the cloned source partition does not have a bad sector problem.
    • Create a portable windows USB drive: You can choose this if you want to make windows portable, but unfortunately you can choose this option if you use the premium version.
    • Then, please click OK if you have selected or Cancel if it is not so to choose. Then, please click Proceed to start the cloning process.

    9. Then click Proceed once again and wait until the cloning process is complete.
    So this article discusses how to clone Windows 10 to HDD / SSD. It's very easy, isn't it? The length of the cloning process depends on how big the partition you are cloning is, the bigger it is, the longer it takes. Hopefully this article can be helpful and useful for you. Thank you

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