Guide How to Scan on the HP 2135 Printer

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Guide How to Scan/Scan on the HP 2135 Printer

How to Scan on the HP2135 Printer – A printer with complete features is the right choice to be used as a companion for computing, with a printer that has complete features, we no longer need to be dependent on having to go to a photocopying place to copy documents or scan. The HP 2135 printer is one of the affordable HP printers with many *multifunction functions (print, scan & copy).

This hp 2135 printer device is sold in the market, it is very affordable, under 1 million but can be used for scanning and photocopying, now in this article wants to provide a description of how to do a scan, then how to scan on the HP 2135 Printer? here are the explanations and steps - the steps.

*before going to the steps on how to scan on the hp 2135 printer you need to install the HP 2135 printer & scanner driver, if indeed you have installed from a cassette when purchasing the printer, please proceed to the steps below, if you have not installed the drive you can download the hp2135 driver first,

Steps for Scanning on the HP 2135 Printer

The method is easy and easy to follow, just follow the steps below.
1. First of all, of course, turn on the printer and connect it to your PC or laptop via a USB cable.

2. Once connected, open the HP Scan application by selecting the menu: Start > All Programs > HP > HP Deskjet 2135 Series > HP Scan.

3. Here you can directly do a direct scan or do the scan settings first by entering the tab
  • Scan Shortcut: Select Scan Shortcut, such as Save as PDF or Email as JPEG .
  • Show the Show Viewer After Scan checkbox: Select the Show Viewer After Scan checkbox.
  • Source options: select the scanner glass document feeder, as there is only the Flatbed option
  • Scan settings : Make sure other settings such as Page Size and Color Mode are correct for your scan job.
  • More: Click More to change advanced settings, such as Resolution (ppi), Orientation, Destination, and File Name.
scan settings

4. After that, immediately put the document you want to scan on the printer, remember the maximum paper size is A4.

5. On the screen of your PC or laptop, a message box will appear containing the scan options that you must choose, such as size, file type from the scan results, the desired color of the scan results (settings again).

6. If you have made your choice, click Scan and wait until the scan process is complete.

7. When the scan process is complete, don't forget to click Save to save your scan results.

Now, the scan process has been successfully carried out and your scanned image/pdf file has been saved on the computer according to the folder you set earlier, it's quite easy, right, how to scan it, now you know how to scan on the HP 2135 Printer? Easy isn't it? This method can also be used in various other series type HP printers.

Previously, if you did not know what the advantages and disadvantages of HP printers are under 1 million but have many of these functions, and are there any drawbacks to this printer, even though until now this printer has been widely chosen on the market, for more details see the link below

So many articles from about this printer, for those of you who don't understand in detail the review and specifications of the printer, you can read it at the link above, hopefully it can be used as a reference and don't hesitate to ask us.

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