How to Choose a Printer For Home Use

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Want to buy a multifunction printer for home use, but confused about which one to buy? Seeing that the need to use multifunction printers at home is currently increasing, many of us may feel confused about choosing this printer.

Yes, manufacturers sometimes offer several types of multifunction printers for home use. If you pay attention to what these types offer, at first glance they may look similar, and the price difference is not too big.
And of course here in doing computer work related work. Someone certainly does not escape the name of printing the results that we have typed. So, if it was done at school or office, it would be easy. But if it is done at home, it will definitely try to find a rental.

Well of course here people will think about being able to buy their own printer that can be used at home. But apparently here not everyone knows how to choose a good printer that is suitable for use at home. And maybe for ordinary people feel curious and also confused about how to choose a good printer for use at home.

Therefore, to answer your curiosity and also your curiosity about how to choose a printer for use at home. Therefore, below we will provide information for you. Curious right? Therefore, let's read and listen together with the explanation below.

Choosing a Printer for the Home as Needed

How to Choose a Printer For Home Use

Multifunction printer, this is the name for a printer that can not only print, but is generally also equipped with an integrated scanner unit. So this can be used to scan or copy documents or photos.

This device can be used to print or scan documents and letters for those who work from home. For those who have children who are still at school or college, you can also print or scan assignments. If you have a business that you run from home, a multifunction printer can also be used to support your business too. 

For example, you can print shipping labels for those who have them. It can also be used to digitize home documents, such as shopping receipts, airway bills for shipping goods, and so on. Or, it could also be for more casual needs, such as printing greeting cards, printing family photos, and much more. But, again, when you need to buy a multifunction printer, which one should you buy?

The advice that many will probably hear is "just adjust it to existing needs". That should be the correct advice, as long as we know which part needs to be adjusted.

So, to make it easier to explain the "part that must be adjusted", it would be easier if there was an example. This time, the example we use is the latest multifunction printer product for the home from Brother.

1. Inkjet Printer

inkjet printer
inkjet printer

For the first type of printer to be discussed is the inkjet printer. Where so far the printer is widely used to print images or writing. In addition, the ability to print on an inkjet printer itself is not inferior to a laser printer.

Where the laser printer is usually widely used in offices or schools. As for the use of the inkjet printer itself, it is also widely used in homes. And for self-maintenance of inkjet printers, it does not need to pay extra for maintenance when compared to laser printers.

2. All-in-one printer

All-in-One printer
All-in-One printer

Another type of printer that is suitable for use at home is an all-in-one printer. Where most people use the printer only to print. Or if you want to do a scan then you need to use your own scanner. Well here is a printer that is not only able to print. But it is also possible to do a scan.

The all-in-one printer itself can not only be used to print images or writing. However, by using an all-in-one printer, people can use the printer not only to print pictures or writing. But here, people can also do various jobs according to the features of the All-in-One printer such as scanning, photocopying, or just sending a fax on an article.

But even so, the price of the all in one printer itself is much more expensive when compared to inkjet printers and laser printers.

3. Photo printer

Photo printer
Photo printer

If you have a need to print with high resolution and want to print photos from your own shots at home with the best and more professional results. Here you can take advantage of printing by selecting the type using a photo printer.

Although by using a regular printer we can also print photos. However, when compared to using a photo printer model, it can provide much better print results.

4. Duplexing printer

duplexing printer
Duplexing Printer

Then for the next type of printer is duplexing printer. Where in duplexing this printer is one type of printer that is booming at the moment. The duplexing of this printer has the advantage that people do not need to turn the paper manually. Because this printer can turn the paper independently.

Brother InkTank Printer for Home

For the latest multifunction printers that use Brother InkTank technology, there are three that are suitable for home use, namely the DCP-T220, DCP-T420W, and DCP-T520W.

All three offer print, scan and copy capabilities. Prices, from cheapest to most expensive. These two things should make you confused, which type to buy.

But, actually, if we explore the features offered by all three, we should see the features that differentiate them, and that will help to determine which one best suits your existing needs.

Tips for Choosing a Printer

Tips for Choosing a Printer

In the digital era, document printers or printers are still needed, both for personal and company purposes. Many people already use digital documents, but physical documents are still needed, especially documents related to company interests.

Apart from that, architectural firms as companies that deal with building design also still need printers to print blueprints and large format design files.

However, choosing a printer is not only limited to its sophistication. There are several other factors that must be considered, for example whether the printer is cost-effective and easy to maintain or not. To find out other factors that need to be understood before buying a printer, see the following review.

1. Adjust to your needs

Before deciding to buy a printer, you should first determine your needs or those of the office where you work. The reason is, the specifications for each printer are different. For example, if your need is only to print ordinary documents in small quantities, a laser type printer could be an option.

However, if you need a more multifunctional printer, you can choose an all-in-one inkjet printer which can be used to print all documents, scan and copy.

2. Buy it in new and official condition

Buying a printer is the same as investing. So, it is better to buy a printer in new condition rather than a second hand printer. Even though you have to dig deeper into your pockets, buying a new printer will guarantee you a higher quality product.

Apart from that, buy a printer from a trusted shop so that you get an official guarantee. That way, if the printer has a problem, you don't need to spend any more money to make repairs.

3. Choose a trusted printer brand

Choosing a trusted printer brand is also an important factor that you need to pay attention to. Don't make the mistake of buying a certain brand of printer just because the price is cheaper, but the quality is not up to par.

Therefore, you should choose a quality printer brand, such as a product from Hewlett-Packard (HP). Please note, HP has been producing printer products since 1984. At that time, this company from the United States produced the HP ThinkJet.

Then, after some time, the first laser printer was launched, namely the HP LaserJet. With a track record and good production quality, to date HP has released various types of printers with their respective uses and advantages.

4. Know the purchase costs and maintenance expenses

When buying a printer, you should not only focus on the purchase price. However, you also have to take into account usage and maintenance expenses. The reason is, it's no use buying a printer at an affordable price if the maintenance costs are exorbitant.

The printer usage and maintenance requirements include ink consumption costs, replacing ink tanks, cleaning ink channels, and regular printhead maintenance. However, if you use a quality printer, such as the HP DesignJet T250, you no longer need to worry about various maintenance expenses.

According to research conducted by HP, the HP DesignJet T250 printer product was allegedly 4 percent more efficient in ink usage over a 60 month period compared to competitors with similar specifications. Then, the HP DesignJet T250 also saves 80 percent in reducing wastage of ink that is wasted on the nozzle (the part that emits ink).

Apart from that, the printhead of the HP DesignJet T250 has a simple design so you don't need the help of a team of experts to clean it. With an easy cleaning process, you can reduce downtime by as much as 300 percent compared to other types of printers.

5. Check the condition of the printer

Last but not least, before buying, don't forget to check the condition of the printer you choose. Even though the printer you bought is in new condition, it does not rule out the possibility of operational problems.

So, don't forget to do a physical check and make sure the printer is working optimally by testing it at the place you bought it.


So, that was the information we could share with you all about how to choose a printer that is suitable for use at home. Hopefully the information that we have conveyed earlier can be useful and useful for all of you. Especially here for those of you who are having trouble or are confused about how to choose a printer that is suitable for use at home.

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