How to find out the HP Ink Advantage Printer Type and Series

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Among all of you printer users, of course you need to know in advance what brand and printer to use. Using a printer, of course, is not like installing a usb mouse that stays plugged in and then can be used. If you use a printer, of course, you have to connect the printer first, install the printer driver, and then you can print.

But have you ever been in a person/office position or at a new workplace and there you need to connect the device to an available printer, then you only see the printer unit, it turns out that it only says the brand, namely HP Ink Advantage, but there is no writing printer type? Even though you need to install the driver first to the computer?

In order to be able to print and use the various facilities owned by the printer, then how? So here you don't have to bother, all you need to do is look for it first on the front / scan cover of the printer unit, it's usually there.

On this occasion Erzedka will review the above problems, how to find out the type of hp printer in various ways, as shown in the following video, the following video is re-shared by the team taken from the HP printer official website:

3 Ways to Know the Type of HP Printer

How to find out the HP Ink Advantage Printer Type and Series

1. The First Way

For those of you computer users / other devices that use the Windows 7 & Windows 10 Operating System, you don't have to bother asking everywhere. You only need to connect your USB 2.0 cable then at that time the device will detect the printer type then it will appear and be visible directly in the control panel connection settings window > Devices And Printer > in the Unknown driver section

2. Method 2

Knowing the Printer Type Through Sticker – if you think the first method above has not worked, you can find out by looking at the Sticker Type printer which is usually found on the inside of the printer behind the printer cover or also looking at the sticker under the printer

3. The 3rd method

Knowing the type of printer, that is, you can check at the bottom/back of the printer, usually there is a printer information sticker/printer production serial number and others.

Those are three ways to find out the type of HP printer that is easy to do on a computer device, hopefully it will be useful and can help you find out the info on the printer you are using.


Depending on the printer you are using, you can check the serial number by printing the printer's network settings information. For more information about printing, search for "NR044" in your printer's Online Guide and see the instructions shown.

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