How to Fix Black Ink Not Coming Out on Epson L120

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How to Fix Black Ink Not Coming Out on Epson L120

Print Ink Doesn't Come Out On Epson L120 – Many people already know and understand about one of the world's well-known printer brands. Epson is one of the world's leading printer brands that has a variety of types, and the most famous series among users today is the Epson L Series.

In this type you will get a wide selection of models from the entry version to the highest, and one of the most popular entry classes is the Epson L120. This type of L120 is often used for home printer needs, because of some of its advantages such as small size, compact and does not take up too much space.

Well, even though it is equipped with qualified specifications, of course there will be problems that often occur in a printer device. The damage that often occurs is that the printer does not issue ink during the printing process.

For that we are here to provide a solution on how to deal with black ink not coming out on the Epson L120. There are so many users out there who complain that their Epson L120 printer likes to suddenly produce imperfect printouts. You can see the imperfect ink solution for the Epson L120 ink below.

Causes of Epson L120 Not Emitting Black Ink

First, you must first identify the factors that cause the Epson L120 printer to have an error with the black ink. By recognizing the problem, the process of completing how to solve the black ink does not come out on the Epson L120 will be easily resolved. Starting from the first cause below.

1. The printer cartridge has too many air cavities. The effect is that during the spraying process, the rising ink will not completely flow, but instead appears a kind of air bubble between the ink when sprayed. That's why prints like to appear blank lines.

2. The head on the injection is clogged. This second point is a common factor why the ink in a printer does not produce maximum results. The cause can be from dust, excessive printing activity, or ink drying at the tip of the nozzle.

3. Printer occurs paper jam. This means that the roller part is blocked due to paper or objects that hinder rotation when used. So that the paper speed is not balanced, resulting in uneven ink injection timing.

4. The cartridge is damaged. It could be that the cartridge on your printer is damaged due to overheating, too many prints in one command, and others.

5. The black ink has run out. The last cause could be caused by the ink levels starting to run out, aka the ink is running low. However, if this factor is caused by running out of ink, usually the printer will send a warning notification on your monitor screen.

There are so many problems that Epson L120 users admit to having problems with their printer ink. This condition will hinder your work process especially if it: is needed in an urgent condition.

Here's how to deal with black ink not coming out on the Epson L120

Method 1: Head Cleaning Epson L120

  • Turn on the printer, and connect it to the PC device.
  • Insert paper in the printer because this process will perform the printing stage.
  • Make sure you have installed the Epson L120 driver. If not Click Here
  • After that tap the Windows Start button.
  • Type in the search box “Printer & Scanner“.
  • After the program appears, please open it.
  • Here select the printer that is connected to your device.
  • Then click the Manage button.


  • Later you can tap on Printing Preferences.
  • After the Printing Preferences window appears, navigate to the Maintenance tab menu.

Printing Preferences

  • Press Nozzle Check.

Nozzle Check

  • Then confirm the Print button.
  • Wait for the paper to go through the head cleaning process first.
  • Press the Clean button again.


  • And tap Start.
  • Finally click the Printing Nozzle Check Pattern button.

Printing Nozzle Check Pattern

  • Repeat until the print is evenly distributed.
  • Done.

Method 2: Check the Ink Duct

For the second method, you can check the Epson L120 ink hose or ink line to see if it is folded or not. A common problem is that the hose leaks, the hose gets pinched, causing it to jam.

But other cases also often occur because the ink nozzles are filled with too much air space. This is caused by users who rarely fully fill the ink tank and let the ink run out and occasionally while in use.

The solution is to press the Resume button on the printer for 3 seconds. This button is marked with the ink logo, and after 3 seconds you press and hold, the printer will confirm the reset command by blowing air through the cartridge.

Epson L120 Printer Ink Solution so it's Not Damaged / Jammed

  • Often use it to print every day, at least not 1 sheet a day.
  • Fill the ink to the brim and do not allow the ink to dry.
  • Use the recommended ink for the Epson L120.
  • Avoid the printer from dust, by closing it.


So that's our discussion about how to deal with black ink not coming out on the Epson L120. Please follow the tutorial above to fix the condition of the printer back to normal.

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