Know What is a Printer Peripage? Definition and Function!

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What is a printer peripage? this has been discussed a lot lately, mainly by many online sellers, for those of you who have an online shop business, you will definitely need a printer for printing transactions, right?

As we know that the presence of a printer is now important because it has a role in printing various documents. With the presence of the latest innovations, now you no longer need to print documents using a noisy inkjet or dotmatrix printer.

You can print documents more practically using a peripage printer that is able to print more practically and without being noisy.

What is a Printer Peripage?

Know What is a Printer Peripage? Definition and Function!

Maybe there are still not many people who know this type of printer because of its small shape so it hardly resembles a printer in general.

Peripage printer is a portable printing machine or pocket printer that has a mini size with thermal printing technology. "
The word or what can be called the "peripage" brand is a well-known brand that produces creative printers to meet all printing needs. Whether it's for printing grocery receipts, receipt numbers and other printing needs that you can do portable.

Get to know how Thermal Printers work

In contrast to printers in general, which we know use ribbons on dotmatrix, ink on inkjets, or powder on laser printers. Peripage printers can print images or writing clearly without using ribbon, ink, or toner powder at all.

Peripage printers already use new technology that utilizes thermal or heating techniques to print text or images without the need for ink filling. Because it doesn't use ink at all, it can definitely save on operational costs for printing in the long run.

1. Printer Printing Process

Thermal printers such as peripage printers can print text or images without ink or powder at all because they rely on heat.

The way it works is very simple, when the peripage printer starts printing, the heating process will cause the paper to turn black.

2. Printer Peripage Paper Types and Materials

Printer Peripage Paper Types and Materials

The paper used by this peripage printer uses a type of roll paper that is similar to grocery receipts in supermarkets. This heat-affected paper will turn dark or black to form a picture or writing pattern according to the user's request.

You can also see the advantages during the printing process on this peripage printer that the sound is very quiet and not noisy at all. This is of course very different from regular printers such as inkjet or dotmatrix which are very noisy when used for printing.

3. It is small and uses batteries

This pocket printer has a very small size, which is only a handful the size of a hand so you can easily take it anywhere.

In addition to its small size and does not take up space, the weight of this printer is also very light, which is only about 2 ounces. The source of its energy comes from a battery that you can recharge at any time like a smartphone battery that you can charge when it's about to run out.

Peripage is the right solution that answers your needs for Scrapbooking or your online business support machine. Both adults and children who are still in school can also use this pocket printer safely and easily.

Because printing using no ink at all will certainly be very safe and will not make your hands messy as happens with regular printers in general. Another advantage that can attract many people is the design of the unit on the printer body which looks very cute like a toy, so it looks interesting.

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