Multifunction, Elegant and High Performance Brother DCP-T820DW Printer

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Multifunction, Elegant and High Performance Brother DCP-T820DW Printer

The Brother DCP-T820DW printer was launched in conjunction with the ink tank series made by the well-known Japanese manufacturer Brother, which already has experience as a manufacturer of printer machines with world-renowned quality and durability.

This printer is also suitable not only for the needs of the home industry but also for office activities that are fairly dense.

Supported by various high-level technologies, the Brother DCP-T820DW printer has adapted to the latest digital technology which ensures ease not only in operation but also when carrying out a simple and spill-proof ink refilling process.

Advantages of the Brother DCP-T820DW Printer

The specifications of this printer are indeed very appropriate for use as often as possible, because in addition to technology, this printer is also equipped with various features that are quite complete and even advanced for the size of a printer similar to it. Here are a number of advantages offered by the Brother DCP-T820DW printer:

>> Elegant Design

It has a simple and relatively small shape so that it can be placed anywhere, even on a small shelf. Its striking color is supported by an easy-to-reach navigation panel that makes it very reliable.

This printer also guarantees clean and sharp prints, scans and copies while ensuring efficient use of ink without having to worry about ink being wasteful even when used as often as possible.

>> Have High Performance

To support its speed and performance, this printer already has a print speed of up to 17/16.5 ipm. With this speed, the printing process will feel shorter, with document printouts in the form of text and images that remain sharp.

>> More Print Results but Still Efficient

This printer has a document printing capacity of up to 7,500 sheets for black and white documents, and for color document printing, this printer is capable of printing up to 5 thousand sheets of color documents.

Despite having a high printing capacity, this printer still prioritizes efficiency in terms of ink utilization and electricity consumption needed to operate this printer.

>> Easy Refill

The transparent ink bottle and equipped with Brother's Ultra High Yield Ink technology makes it easy for users to see the remaining ink capacity indicator. Likewise when the ink refill process, this printer is able to guarantee an easy filling process without having to worry about full or spilled ink bottles.

>> Handy Connectivity

This Brother DCP-T820DW printer is equipped with internal WiFi technology and a LAN network cable that can be used as needed. Even in operation, users do not have to first install the driver on the computer device.

>> Durable and Long Lasting Print Head

This printer is also very appropriate to be used as a long-term investment because it has a durable and long-lasting print head with relatively easy maintenance, so that there are no more complaints about the print head leaking or getting damaged quickly.

>> Low price

With various features and technologies that are capable and have been adapted to dynamic digital needs like today, the Brother DCP-T820DW printer is offered for around $352.45.

For the quality and durability of the printer which is the guarantee, the price is considered to be very ideal and even much cheaper than other brand printers in its class.

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