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AVG AntiVirus - is security software developed by a company that is now part of Avast, namely AVG Technologies. AVG AntiVirus is available in two versions, a free and a paid version. However, for home users, the free version is also strong enough to protect your computer from various threats from dangerous programs, ranging from viruses, malware, spyware, ransomware and so on.

AVG AntiVirus is equipped with the same technology as embedded in the Avast antivirus, but this application is equipped with several interesting features that Avast does not have, besides the interface design of each application is also different.
There is no doubt about the reliability of AVG AntiVirus, based on tests conducted by AV-Test last year, this application can block 100% of threats and make fewer errors in detecting viruses.

Advantages of AVG AntiVirus

The number of people who prefer this antivirus is certainly not without reason, because this antivirus developed by Avast Software s.r.o also has various advantages that can secure your PC, here are some of them:

1. Email protection

Email is one of the most frequently used media by cyber criminals to carry out their actions, if you frequently use email, of course, this feature will be very useful. With this feature, AVG AntiVirus will automatically block malicious or malware attachments or links sent to your email.

2. Link scanner

Not all links on the internet are safe to open, for ordinary people it will be difficult to distinguish which links are clean and which are dangerous links. However, by using AVG AntiVirus, you can find safe and dangerous links easily, later this application will mark dangerous and safe links, whether they are links on the internet or on social media such as Twitter, Facebook, and so on.

3. Download file scanner

Cyber ​​criminals have various methods to trick the computer security system of their victims, they can create download files containing malware that ordinary link scanners cannot detect.

However, you don't have to worry if you use AVG AntiVirus, because this application can scan downloaded files before they are stored on your computer so that your PC can still be protected from hidden malware.

4. Virus scanner with AI technology

This application is equipped with a sophisticated virus scanner that can remove and stop various types of viruses, such as ransomware, spyware, rootkits, trojans, malware and other malicious programs.

You also don't need to worry about new viruses or malware variants, because this application is equipped with AI detection technology that can proactively identify new malware samples even though the malware is not already in the database.

5. PC performance problem scanner

Have you ever had a problem where the PC suddenly slows down? AVG AntiVirus can solve your problem. The reason is, AVG is equipped with a computer problem scanner feature and can fix it so that it can return to work smoothly and optimally.

In short, AVG AntiVirus Free is a free PC security software that is quite reliable in securing your computer. However, if you want to enjoy more complete security features, you should definitely consider AVG Internet Security. Because this version is equipped with quite complete features, ranging from features to deter hackers, privacy data protectors, webcam protectors, and so on.

Download the Latest AVG AntiVirus

  • Latest Version: 22.3.3228
  • Publisher: AVG Technologies
  • Operating System: Windows
  • App Category: Security & Privacy
  • License: Freeware

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