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The Latest Psiphon Free Download - ERZEDKA

Psiphon - is a free application for Windows PC that is equipped with VPN, SSH, and HTTP proxy technology to provide users with free internet access without censorship from the government or ISP. This application is usually used to open sites that are blocked by the government or internet service providers. By using this app you can access any site on the internet freely.

In addition to opening blocked sites, this application can also secure your privacy data while surfing the internet. If you frequently use public WiFi, Psiphon can also protect you from account theft or cookies by people on the same network.

Similar to common VPN applications such as Hola, Betternet, and, this application provides several VPN servers that you can choose according to your needs. However, Psiphon is equipped with more features and settings that can be adjusted as needed.

Psiphon Advantage

There are many VPN applications that you can use for free on your Windows laptop or PC, this application is one of the favorite choices of many users. The number of users who prefer to use this application is certainly not without reason, here are some of the advantages of Psiphon that you need to know:

1. Free and open-source

You can use all the features and servers embedded in this application for free. In addition, this application is also open-source which means the source code of the application is freely available and can be modified or distributed.

This certainly increases transparency which is rarely done by VPN service providers, everyone can check the original source code freely.

2. Open the blocked site

Because it uses a VPN connection, this application is usually used to access sites that are blocked by the government or ISP. Users only need to select the VPN server to use and this application will be activated automatically.

3. VPN servers available in more than 20 regions

Using this app you can choose one of the VPN servers spread over 20 regions including UK, USA, India, Canada, Singapore and so on. After selecting the server you want to use, this application will automatically connect to that server, if successful a browser window will appear showing your new IP.

Speed ​​will vary depending on internet connection and selected server location, you can try one server at a time for extra speed.

4. Several Tunnel Modes are available

Users can choose the Tunnel Mode option as needed. If using SSH or SSH+ mode, this application will automatically set the Windows system proxy. Apart from that, there is also a Split Mode which allows international traffic to be routed through proxies while domestic traffic is not.

However, since this app modifies your computer's proxy settings, you'll need to restore those settings in order to connect to the internet smoothly. This proxy should be deleted when you disconnect with the VPN service, however on some computers the changed proxy is not restored properly.

In short, if you're looking for a free VPN app that comes with lots of servers and features that can be configured as needed, then Psiphon is the app you should consider.

Download the Latest Psiphon

  • Latest Version: 3.172
  • Publisher: Psiphon Inc
  • Operating System: Windows
  • App Category: Security & Privacy
  • License: Freeware

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