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VeraCrypt is a program for building and maintaining encrypted volumes on the fly, a very secure method of data encryption that all data stored on the encrypted volume can be read (decrypted) without the use of a password.

Keeping your data safe is not difficult, you only need to separate confidential data from other data to make it easier to secure. There are many methods you can do to keep files safe, including locking files, hiding files or encryption.

Encryption is the process of protecting information/data by locking the information so that it cannot be read unless the authorized person can open it, such as with a public key or private key. Usually this method is often used by military agencies in order to secure political data and confidential government information in a country. But now we can also do this method, by using an application that supports the encryption feature. One application that can be used is Veracrypt. 

VeraCrypt supports both standard encrypted volumes and hidden volumes. Both will keep your files private, but hidden volumes allow you to hide important information behind less sensitive data, so that your data is protected even if you are forced to reveal your VeraCrypt password. This guide covers the process of creating and using standard encrypted volumes and hidden volumes.

VeraCrypt is a successor to TrueCrypt, which was discontinued last year. The Developer Team stopped it because there were some issues that arose when TrueCrypt's security was leaked. This app comes for free on Windows, OS X and Linux. 

If you are looking for encryption software like TrueCrypt but not TrueCrypt, VeraCrypt supports AES TwoFish and Serpent encryption, supports creation of hidden, volume encryption and other volumes. The code you can see but actually becomes open source. These tools are also being developed continuously, with regular security updates and updates according to developer requirements.

This application is very simple and useful in terms of encryption. This tool can open TrueCrypt volumes, and claims to have algorithms that increase security and make them difficult to crack.

Download the Latest VeraCrypt

  • License                                    : Freeware 
  • Developer                                : IDRIX 
  • Operating System                    : Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10/11

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